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Weezer concert: 10/15/1992

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Weezer concert: 10/15/1992
Weezer concert: 10/15/1992 cover
Flyers by Darrin Pfeiffer (l.) and Yowsah! (r.)
Venue Club Dump
Location West Hollywood, CA
Date October 15, 1992
Other band(s) Black Market Flowers, Spade Ghetto Destruction, Crank, Borax
Weezer live show chronology
10/10/1992 - Los Angeles, CA
(Club Dump)
10/15/1992 - West Hollywood, CA 10/21/1992 - West Hollywood, CA
(English Acid)

Weezer performed on a shared bill at Club Dump in West Hollywood, CA on October 15, 1992. The line up also included Black Market Flowers, Spade Ghetto Destruction, Crank, and Borax.


See Historic event: 10/15/1992

setlist: unknown. The only note found about this show is that it was "rad".

Also on the bill were Black Market Flowers, Spade Ghetto Destruction, Crank, and Borax. Black Market Flowers and weezer were becoming friends by this point. BMF actually had a song called "Mykel and Carli" before weezer did [its quite different.], and were later signed to Relativity, and went on to make an album and several EP's.
- Karl Koch


border-left: 1px solid #aaa The setlist for this show is likely gone.[1] Here is a lil Weezer troll guy to encourage you!


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