Your Man

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"Your Man"
Song by Jason Cropper
Writer(s) Jason Cropper

"Your Man" is a song written by Jason Cropper.


On August 12, 2020, Cropper debuted the song on his Instagram account.


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Woman, you are the goddess, and the temple, and the priestess
All rolled up into one, laying down in the palm of my hand
And if I was your gardener or your doctor or a gold miner digging for a ?? on your land
And doing the best I can just to be your man
Be your man, best I can

Woman you are the eye in the center of my raging storm
You are the ???
When I am the hopelessness that stalks all my present plans
Step into your circle, and I become your man
Become your man

I'd do anything for you, and you know I care
'Cause I'm your man

When everything built up is getting torn down
Humankind has gotta just ???
But I see a light shining from your eyes
I love your stare
Loving you....
Makes me your man

Woman you are the calm of a moonlit desert tonight
You erase my worrying. Girl, you're outta sight
And if I was the prince, or the pauper, or the king
I'd still choose to be your man over everything
Just to be your man
Be your man, just to be your man
Be your man

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