Dope Nose

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"Dope Nose"
Dope Nose cover
Single by Weezer
Album Maladroit
Released February 2002
Recorded December 2001-February 2002
Length 2:17
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 484
COR# 177
Producer Weezer with Chad Bamford and Rod Cervera
Status Officially released
Live debut June 16, 2000
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(RC# 483)
"Dope Nose"
(RC# 484)
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"Dope Nose"
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"Dope Nose"
"Keep Fishin'"

"Dope Nose" is the first single and second track from Maladroit.



"Dope Nose", along with "Hash Pipe" and "Slob", is one of the few Summer Songs of 2000 tracks to be fully recorded and released on an album. The song went through a slight metamorphosis during the Maladroit sessions, as its arrangement tightened up and became a more streamlined power pop tune. Cuomo commented on the songwriting process during a 2002 interview:

CDNOW: What were the circumstances surrounding the composition of the first single, "Dope Nose"?

Rivers: It's not about anything. It's just a bunch of garbage lyrics. [It was] six in the morning. I had three shots of tequila, and I forget how many milligrams of Ritalin, and I just went in my backyard and sat down. In like half an hour I was just like foaming at the mouth, and I just wrote it in one manic burst of about three minutes. Sitting there in the chair, composing in my head. Not even with a guitar. Just all in my mind. Bam. There's "Dope Nose."

Early mixes of the song were delivered to radio prior to the album's release, when Rivers Cuomo took it upon himself to distribute material from the album during its mixing/mastering process. At least two different versions of the promo went out, with different mixes of "Keep Fishin'" and this song. These versions featured backup vocals in different sections, or no backup vocals at all, and its original, fade-in intro - as opposed to the isolated riff that begins the LP version.

"Dope Nose" is one of the songs playable in the PlayStation 2 video game Amplitude, developed by Harmonix. An interview in Electronic Gaming Monthly with the creators of the PlayStation 2 game Guitar Hero (also developed by Harmonix) mentioned the game's early builds were based on "Dope Nose". The song also appears in an episode of the TV series Monk, "Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show" and on the TV series Psych in the episode "Romeo and Juliet and Juliet". The song is a playable track in Guitar Hero: Van Halen.


Radio Only Promo CD

  1. "Dope Nose" - 2:17

Music Video

Going back to the rock with Marcos, who dug up some wacky motorcycle gangs for a midnight romp thru Grifith Park in L.A. Pat always wanted to play hexagonal syn-drums back in his youth, so now he finally got the chance.
-Karl Koch on the "Dope Nose" music video, from the liner notes for Video Capture Device

The video was directed by Marcos Siega, who has directed the most Weezer videos, including "Keep Fishin'" and "Beverly Hills".


SS2K recordings

Maladroit demos




Debt on my head
Wasting time on my own
Sleep rescue me
Take me back to my home (Oh, take me home)

For the times that you wanna go and
Bust rhymes real slow
I'll appear, slap you on the face and
Enjoy the show

Cheese smells so good
On a burnt piece of lamb (Piece of what?)
Fag of the year
Who could beat up your man

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