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History Of Ozma

It all started in Pasedena, California inn late 1995, when Daniel Brummel, a pudgy, long-haired, Stephen King-reading teen, bought a Macintosh Classic II from his uncle, plugged it into his phone jack, and connected to the internet for the first time. Around the same time, Jose Galvez was a mere mile away, in the same town, searching for "bass player, Pasadena" in the AOL member directory. Daniel's e-mail address came up in a search, and Jose made the first move, writing to Daniel about a recently disbanded rock band ("Paper Or Plastic" broke up in early 1995) that was looking to form again with a new bass player and a new sound. He spoke of an otherworldy lead guitarist by the name of Ryen Slegr who had played and sung in several bands including Saap, and a rocksteady drummer - Patrick Edwards - with a bedroom converted to a practice space. Daniel, previously a guitarist, happened to have a bass and an amp lying around from his previous band, Porcelain Dream (with Jes Painter now of Poseidon). Jose and Daniel arranged a day for the four kids to convene, and, that quickly, Ozma was an existing entity. The first day, Daniel learned three songs the band members had written that summer (Trucks and Cars, Stuck In The Ground, So Down) and from then on the songwriting was a group process. Ozma slowly kept turning their amps up over time, and Pat gradually learned how to hit his drums harder. Now they're just loud as hell, and they're not apologetic. Ozma's songs are converging on a sound that can be roughly described as "Russian coldfusion" or "rock with a rather hefty atomic weight, but not quite metal." Their artistic goal: to be a merciless booty-shaking behemoth capable of rocking you back to Russia. For more info on various Ozma releases see the "Discography".

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