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Featured article: Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli


Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli is a compilation album released in 1998 on Vast Records in tribute to Mykel and Carli Allan, founders of the Weezer Fan Club. The Allan sisters had passed away in a car crash in July of the previous year.

In the wake of the sisters' untimely passing, a tribute/benefit concert was organized to help the Allan family with the high funeral costs. The show featured friends of the Allan sisters that dog., Black Market Flowers, and was headlined by Weezer. The successful but somber event was held at the Palace Theater in Hollywood on August 15, 1997. The concert, in turn, inspired the album. The album contained mostly rare or unreleased tracks by bands that were friends or acquaintances of the sisters and/or Weezer, or who just plain wanted to help out.

From the album's liner notes:

Some time ago, when joking about the possibility of a Mykel and Carli compilation CD, Carli stated 'we used to have dreams of a Mykel and Carli tribute, [but] some dreams must be abandoned.' Although tragic circumstances inspired this CD, those whose lives were touched by the Allan sisters have turned their dreams into reality.
Mykel, Carli and Trysta... we will all miss you very much."

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Featured song: Play on spotify.png "The Purification of Water"

"The Purification of Water" is the third track from Alone II. One of Rivers Cuomo's most lauded demos, it circulated among fans for years prior to its official release.

The song was originally recorded on January 2, 1993, but the only circulating version was recorded in July of that year. Karl has said the song was possibly never intended for Weezer, and that it seemed Rivers never quite felt satisfied with the song.

From Cuomo's Alone II liner notes:

 The next day Aliss and I said goodbye to each other as the King Size crew returned to L.A. She gave me a tape of a Guatemalan band named Garibaldi which I took with me and listened to a few times, thinking back wistfully on my Latin girlfriend. I recognized that the heartache I felt apart from Aliss was another good subject for a song. Specifically, I wanted to capture my pessimistic belief that the love I seek in relationships will always break my heart because all relationships must come to an end. I used a metaphor to stand in for my romantic longing: a thirsty gringo traveling south of the border, made sick by the water he so desperately seeks. The song was called "The Purification of Water"

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Featured image


A fan-made take on one of Weezer's most enduring graphics, posted among other Easter-Weezer fan-art.

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Featured list: List of common abbreviations used on Weezer forums

A banner from All Things Weezer, one of the longest-running Weezer forums. Made by Headcheese.

This list is an attempt to document every abbreviation used by board members on online Weezer forums.

Abbreviation Meaning
60WS 60 Wrong Sausages
BttS Back to the Shack
COR Catalog of Riffs
EWACTFAA Everyone Wants a Chance to Feel All Alone
EWBAITE Everything Will Be Alright in the End
GUAL Getting Up and Leaving
IJTOTLOMD I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
PP Post-Pinkerton
TPGITWWW The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World
WAAIL We Are All in Love

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RIP Ric Ocasek


Ric Ocasek, who produced Weezer's first, third, and ninth studio albums, has passed away at age 75. Weezer owes much of their success to his artistry, guidance, and influence. He will be dearly missed.

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