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Featured article: That dog.


that dog. is a Los Angeles-based rock band that originally formed in 1991, disbanded in 1997, and reunited in 2011. They released their fourth album in late 2019.

The lineup of that dog. (the lower case letters and period always inclusive) consisted of lyricist Anna Waronker (daughter of producer and one-time Warner Bros. Records head Lenny Waronker) on lead vocals and guitar, Rachel Haden on bass guitar and vocals, and her sister Petra Haden on violin and vocals (both a part of triplet sisters born to jazz great Charlie Haden). Friends since high school, the ladies were joined by drummer Tony Maxwell in 1992. Their punky power-pop songs were full of hooks and drenched with many layered vocal harmonies.

In June of 2011, that dog. announced via their new Facebook page that they would be reuniting for a pair of August shows at the legendary Los Angeles club the Troubadour. Unsure of what to expect, the band was pleasantly surprised that the two shows sold out, and were taken aback by the warm response they received. The band continued performing and began work on their fourth album in 2015, hoping for a release by the end of the year. As of late 2016, work on a reunion album was still in progress, and a crowdfunding campaign to aid in some of the more expensive aspects of recording (such as orhestral arrangements) was put forward. The band performed the album Retreat From The Sun in its entirety at a show in Los Angeles on April 8th, 2017, to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary.

On August 21, 2019, the band announced the release of their fourth album, titled Old LP. The album was released on October 4, 2019.

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Featured song: Icon - YouTube.png "Sandwiches Time"

"Sandwiches Time" (also known as "Until Your Blue") is a Maladroit-era demo, written by Rivers Cuomo. The song is notable for its falsetto vocals and obtuse lyrics.

The song was first recorded by Cuomo on August 17, 2001. It was later demoed by the entire band several times. Four versions have been released to fans through The first was recorded at Sage & Sound Studios in Los Angeles, CA on August 30, 2001 as part of the Sage & Sound Demos (often abbreviated "SnS Demos").

The three versions that followed it were recorded in December and January 2002, as a part of the official Maladroit recording sessions. The 12/28 Version does not feature falsetto vocals by Cuomo and also has a different guitar intro.

Todd Sullivan was supposedly against the inclusion of "Sandwiches Time" on Maladroit.

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Featured image

Photos from the Mykel and Carli Allan tribute performance
Photos by: Terese Ramirez
August 15, 1997
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Featured list: List of Weezer podcasts

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Podcast feelslikeweezer.jpg Feels Like Weezer
Podcast mynameisweezer.jpg My Name Is Weezer
Postpinkertonlogo.png Post-Pinkerton
Podcast weareweezer.png We Are Weezer
Podcast wwthtaw.jpg What's With These Homies Talkin' About Weezer?

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RIP Ric Ocasek


Ric Ocasek, who produced Weezer's first, third, and ninth studio albums, has passed away at age 75. Weezer owes much of their success to his artistry, guidance, and influence. He will be dearly missed.

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