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Featured article: The Impossible Bend

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The Impossible Bend refers to a moment in the music video for "Hash Pipe," endearingly celebrated by Weezer fans, in which Brian Bell does an impressive dance move. Performed at the 2:32 mark of the video, Bell appears to bend his torso backwards far enough that he would seem to need to fall down, but he manages not to.

It is unknown if Bell has retained sufficient amounts of sass to complete the move at present, and it is of much heated debate on Weezer forums. Many fans point to Bell's facial hair and claim Bell is still in possession of sass of astounding magnitude. In fact, others will argue that he has since grown sassier, yet also more modest and refuses to pull off the move to attract attention. A small few believe Bell is too old to pull off the bend anymore. An even smaller group of fans believe that it was special effects or CGI, citing "No one could ever pull that off, no matter how sassy they may be." However, extensive evidence confirms that the bend was in fact completed. No such bend has been replicated by another besides Bell.

Impossible bend 2.0.jpg

Recently discovered by Weezerpedia user Cupcake, a second enactment of the Impossible Bend may have gone unnoticed by the Weezer community. Although it is clearly not the blatant rejection and violation of the laws of physics that the first Impossible Bend was, Bell's jerky dance move at the 3:04 mark of the Beverly Hills music video is generally regarded as evidence for the Bend's revival. Seen at right, this picture clearly shows how invigorating even a lesser version of this sassy move can be, as the onlooking fan to the right of Bell is pleased beyond normal human levels. However, the fan behind Bell is remaining at normal levels of boredom because his unfortunate viewpoint has caused him to miss this historic, Impossible event.

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