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Featured article: 60 Wrong Sausages

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60 Wrong Sausages was a precursor to Weezer. It was founded by Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Pat Finn and Jason Cropper in 1991 in Los Angeles.

60WS held only seven practices in total between October 20 and November 20 of 1991, all at a cheap, filthy, and very popular with young starving bands rehearsal place called Fortress in Hollywood. The band rehearsed the performances of material from their Cholesterol EP as well as new songs like "The Barnaby Jones", "Tennis Ball" and "Run the Gamut". Additionally, old Bush songs like "Beyond Life" and "Crayon Man" were rehearsed. Cuomo's own Fuzz songs "Answer Man" and "Burn My Britches" were rehearsed and finally, the Wilson/Finn song "Sheriff Wong", which was a song about a member of law enforcement who carried a bong.

Over Thanksgiving weekend 1991, the band stayed at Finn's mom's house in Petaluma, and 60 Wrong Sausages played the Phoenix Theater, it's only gig. Matt Sharp, then living in El Cerrito CA (near Berkeley), attended this show, and was captured on video yelling "WHO HOLDS THE SCEPTER?" to the band between songs. The band's name came from an original name of "The Wrong Sausage." Apparently, one of the band members said: "No, it can't be just one wrong sausage. It needs to be, like, SIXTY Wrong Sausages!"

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