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Suburban Advantage is a demo EP recorded by Patrick Wilson in spring 1994. It was Wilson's first formal attempt at recording his solo work.

Wilson's first recorded solo material came in fall 1993 with My Spine. He then wrote a fresh batch of music that he developed on a four-track recorder over the following months. Music from this period, as well as some borrowed from the earlier demo, was compiled into a 7-song demo tape titled Suburban Advantage in late spring 1994. Wilson used a Dr. Rhythm drum machine (on the TR-808 kit) to create the record's percussion tracks, aiming for a sound unique from his previous demos. Roughly 8-10 copies of the tape were made and distributed among friends and Geffen industry contacts. Copies began circulating among fans as early as January 1996.

Wilson did not return to much of the music on Suburban Advantage. The demo tape preceded Wilson's 1995 Huge Guy demos, which evolved more directly into The Special Goodness.

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