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Featured song: "Colorado" Icon - YouTube.png

"Colorado" is a single by the Rentals and the seventh track from Chapter One of the multimedia project Songs About Time. It was originally released on September 27, 2008.

The song was written during Matt Sharp's acoustic solo career, and he performed it many times while on tour. As Sharp explained in a 2008 letter to fans, the song received a full-band arrangement when he was approached about contributing a song for a compilation. The song became "a test run" for the forthcoming Songs About Time, featuring the nontraditional recording methods and ambitious artistic premises that would come to define the project. The song features drum beats programmed into a keyboard as well as percussion sourced from drum sticks drumming on the floor of the studio they recorded in. The second video released in the SAT project shows the band recording the song.

This was the first release by the band to include vocalist Jamie Blake.

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