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I am the greatest man that ever lived
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About me
My pronouns are he/him.
I live in a prison, there's nothing here for me.
I am 16 years old.
My favorite Weezer album is OK Human.
My favorite song is Across The Sea.
My favorite Weezer producer is Jake Sinclair.
I'm a member of the Weezerpedia Discord server. (joined Jul. 2023)
I check #karlification every single damn hour.
I am PRO-moustache.
I`ve been to 2 Weezer concerts. (Soon to be 3!)
I am ANTI-dingaling.
Century Gothic is the 2nd best font, next to weezerfont.ttf.
My favorite Rivers quote is: "Undone is the feeling you get when the train stops and the little guy comes knockin' on your door."
I am ANTI-moustache.
My Discord account is JeremyDoesStupidStuff.
My Reddit account is kinda embarrassing, you're not gonna see it.
I'm ready to admit that I like Ozma more than Ozma.
I am PRO-dingaling.
This user thinks the Death to False Metal version of "Mykel and Carli" is better than the Blue Album version.
I am UNDECIDED on the moustache.
Who up playing with they dingaling?
Who up playing with they dingaling?
Who up playing with they dingaling?
Who up playing with they dingaling?
Who up playing with they dingaling?
We up playing with our dingaling!
My AIM screen name is RHCPFAN2112.

My name is Jeremy

I'm not carrying the wheel.

The best and worst items in my weezer collection

Proud owner of a signed "Desire" 7 inch single.

Unproud owner of a Blue Album 12 inch vinyl with the WRONG FONT!!!

I also own hurley on vinyl, are you proud of me yet, god?

What i'm working on on the 'pedia

Trying to learn how tables work in User:JeremyDoesSS/Sandbox.

I also wanna fix up this page.

Useful resources

This google drive of stems I made is pretty awesome. (seriously though it has actual rips of white stems)

I don't have anything else to put here

Weezer concerts I've been to

Weezer concert: 08/19/2023

Weezer concert: 08/20/2023

Weezer concert(s) I've will been to

Weezer concert: 10/05/2024

Interesting facts about me (kinda)