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To edit the Featured Video page, see here.

The Featured Video section of Weezerpedia showcases a Weezer-related YouTube video, and is changed every 2 to 3 weeks. It pulls its data from a template page that can be changed to display different videos.


1. Choose a video

Browse YouTube for an interesting Weezer video! The video must be appropriate for all ages, and it cannot be an officially released Weezer music video. Those are showcased in a different area of Weezerpedia.

2. Change the video

Weezerpedia has a built-in template to embed YouTube videos, and it looks like this:


Replace "NameOfFile" with the YouTube file name, not the full url, just the bit at the end.



Gives you:

3. Change the "Headline"

There is a headline above every featured article, song, video, and image on the Main Page. For videos, it reads Featured Video: SHORT DESCRIPTION. This needs to be changed if you are changing the featured video.

Click "Edit" on the Featured Video page. Look at the second line of the article. It should look like this:

{{Featured video headline|OLD VIDEO DESCRIPTION}}

Delete the old video description and put your new video description in it's place.

The headline cannot be longer than one line on the Main Page (around 46 characters not counting linking brackets). It should explain the What, When, and Where of the video. If you don't know all of that information or can't fit it on to one line, put what works. It should be a short and sweet snippet of a sentence. Be sure to link to anything that you can.

Let's use the same video from before as an example:

A headline could be: "Say It Ain't So" at Warped Tour, June 2000

4. Update the video gallery

Weezerpedia is intent on keeping very organized records of the content that it features, and it does this for videos through the featured video gallery page. After placing your video in the Featured Video template, you need to update this gallery page to maintain Weezerpedia's records.

Go to Video gallery:Featured videos and click edit. Next, add new information to the wikitable about the rest of the previous Featured Videos.

The table works like this:

|- ''this is a divider''
| | ''this displays the text under the '''Title''' section''
| | ''this displays the text under the '''Link''' section''
| | ''this displays the text under the '''Date Featured''' section''
|- ''this is another divider''

Add all your info to the top of the table, right under the line ! style="background: #7ad;" |Date featured.

Using the same video from above and a made up date of February 14, 1992, the text would look like:

| | "[[Say It Ain't So]]" at [[Warped Tour]], June [[2000]]
| | [ Link]
| | February 14, 1992

Make sure that the Title includes internal links and the link is an external link with the displayed text of Link.

This will give you a chunk of the table that looks like this:

Title Link Date featured
"Say It Ain't So" at Warped Tour, June 2000 Link February 14, 1992

5. Preview the page first

Before you save anything, preview your page by clicking "Show preview." You're saving content that's going to appear on the Main Page, so it better be perfect!

6. Pat yourself on the back!

Thank you for helping Weezerpedia! Weezerpedia can only grow if people like you help edit and contribute to it. Thanks for your effort!

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