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About me
ADM I am a Weezerpedia admin.
Draggy girl.png My pronouns are he/him.
Maximum Weezer.jpg I own two copies of Maximum Weezer.
I am 15 years old.
Icon - Globe.png I live in Colorado.
other accounts

hey, i'm deckra, i'm a =wp= admin, i run the discord, and i also run r/okbuddyholly (sucks) and its corresponding discord

resident of the List of unofficial bootlegs (physical) village

Southern Fried Swing enthusiast

occasional tabber

very small ram appreciator

proud owner of two copies of Maximum Weezer

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how about my weezer collection that would be cool right


Title Format Type Year Country Notes Date Acquired Purchase Location
Weezer (The Blue Album) CD Album 1994 US this was the first weezer cd i bought 5/?/2018 Discogs
Weezer (The Blue Album) Vinyl Album 2016 US this was my 2nd/3rd record ever. 2016 remastered version. purchased with my vinyl copy of pinkerton 12/31/2018 Discogs
Weezer (The Blue Album) (Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2004 US deluxe edition. my copy is missing the slipcase and has multiple paper tears, all of which are extremely infuriating. also, matt looks super weird on this because it's the un-photoshopped version of the cover 8/1/2018 Discogs
Pinkerton CD Album 1996 US second weezer cd i bought, the teeth on the inner jewel case are broken so the disc just falls out when it opens 5/?/2018 Discogs
Pinkerton Vinyl Album 2016 US this is my 2nd/3rd record ever. 2016 remastered version. purchased with my vinyl copy of the blue album 12/31/2018 Discogs
Pinkerton (Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2010 US deluxe edition. the most expensive cd i've ever bought, at around 19 dollars + 3 dollars shipping. also missing the slipcase, which is just as infuriating as the last time 6/13/2019 eBay
Weezer (The Green Album) CD Album 2001 US this is definitely not in the original jewel case i bought it in, at some point i swapped it to a clear one and i don't remember. purchased with my maladroit copy 6/7/2018 Discogs
Weezer (The Green Album) Vinyl Album 2016 US dude, fuck this release. it's the remastered 2016 version and they just removed an entire chorus from hash pipe. why? i don't get it. i need to get a new copy of this at some point 6/11/2019 eBay
Maladroit CD Album 2002 US i got this one for free along with my green album copy cause the seller was doing a buy one get one free deal. i vividly remember spelling it "Maldroit" in my messages with the seller, for some reason 6/7/2018 Discogs
Maladroit Vinyl Album 2016 US 2016 remastered version. got this at 2nd and charles when i went on a trip there with a few friends. one friend proceeded to find a copy of blue album deluxe with the slipcase and proceeded to make fun of me for not having the slipcase. bastard. 12/15/2019 2nd & Charles
Video Capture Device DVD Video Compilation 2004 US "Outlog" and "Stoopid Fresh" are accidental shitpost masterpieces. mikey was funny as shit, dude 4/4/2020 eBay
Make Believe CD Album 2005 US digipak version 6/20/2018 Discogs
Make Believe CD Album 2005 US jewel case version. it has a promo sticker on it but i haven't been able to find anything similar online, so i'm assuming its just a regular copy that some radio station slapped a sticker on. i only own this because it was in a two cd eBay lot with my copy of keep fishin' 11/23/2018 eBay
Make Believe Vinyl Album 2016 US 2016 remastered version. dude, why do i own three copies of make believe? 2/5/2019 Discogs
Weezer (The Red Album) CD Album 2008 US nothing special about this one really 7/4/2018 Discogs
Weezer (The Red Album) (Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2008 US deluxe edition. the fact that the weezer logo on the spine is upside down bothers me 12/4/2019 Discogs
Raditude CD Album 2009 US my friend who lives in florida bought this and had it shipped to my house as a gift after i kept nagging them to buy it for me. good times 7/6/2018 friend, via Discogs
Raditude (Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2009 US i can tell that this copy's jewel case was replaced at some point because the words "2 DISCS" are printed onto the top of the spine. i guess it makes it easy to discern? also the insert tray card is ripped on the side so that's just awesome 2/5/2021 Discogs
Death To False Metal CD Compilation Album 2010 US found this at 2nd & charles while buying cds for a friends birthday. i think the back traycard of my copy is folded incorrectly, because the back cover art extends onto the spine a bit 8/2/2018 2nd & Charles
Hurley CD Album 2010 US my friend bought me this at a record store while he was on a vacation in michigan. thanks, bro 7/30/2018 friend, via record store
Hurley (Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2010 US deluxe edition. i was buying blink-182 cds and the seller also had this so i bought it just because of that 2/5/2019 Discogs
Everything Will Be Alright In The End CD Album 2014 US when i opened my mailbox, the padded envelope already had a torn hole in it, so that was interesting. purchased with my copy of the white album 9/10/2018 Discogs
Weezer (The White Album) CD Album 2016 US see above. also, when i was moving into my current house, i accidentally tipped over my entire fucking cd cabinet and it just happened to land on this copy. suprisingly, it only suffered minimal damage 9/10/2018 Discogs
Weezer (The White Album) Vinyl Album 2016 USA & Europe my copy has a notch in the front cover like somebody dug their nail into it really hard. how do these things happen 6/18/2019 Discogs
Pacific Daydream CD Album 2017 US this was my 8th weezer cd because it was the only one that best buy had lol 7/17/2018 Best Buy
Weezer (The Teal Album) CD Album 2019 US this one arrived with a crack spanning across the entire back cover so that's cool. 6/11/2019 Discogs
Weezer (The Black Album) CD Album 2019 US there's no way i've listened to this more than twice. 6/11/2019 Discogs
Weezer (The Black Album) Vinyl Album 2019 US i literally got this for 10 dollars off of ebay only two months after it came out. it also has a perfect tear on the top of the sleeve, lowering its value further. i bought this because it was cheap, and to have it. i will never listen to it 6/18/2019 eBay
Weezer (The Black Album) Cassette Album 2019 US 5 bucks lmao 1/24/2021 eBay
Weezer (The Black Album) Cassette Album 2019 US limited edition yellow version for 6 bucks lmao 2/1/2021 Mercari
OK Human CD Album 2021 US why twelve dollars 2/8/2021
OK Human Vinyl Album 2021 US got the limited to 2000 "Weezer Flesh" variant. pretty nice looking, actually. but why 14 dollars for shipping? it shipped out on the 28th of january and didn't arrive until now 2/8/2021
Snippets Cassette Sampler 2001 US somehow i didn't realize that when this cassette said "snippets", it literally meant snippets, the songs are only around 30 seconds long. it's still super cool because it's on cassette, and the dude i bought from actually included two green album promo stickers from the time, so shoutout to him 1/10/2021 eBay
Songs from the Forthcoming "Maladroit" CD Sampler 2002 US first purchase of 2021 even though i purchased it on december 26th, 2020. BJM #11946 1/7/2021 eBay
The Lion and the Witch CD Live Album 2002 US no. 005752 2/3/2020 eBay
AOL Sessions DVD Live Album 2005 US why are the albums on the back so out of order? 1/19/2021 Discogs
Buddy Holly CD Single 1995 UK i've always found it odd just how reflective this disc is 2/1/2019 Discogs
Undone - The Sweater Song CD Single 1994 UK apparently this has a bunch of paper sticker residue i haven't noticed until now, great 2/1/2019 Discogs
Say It Ain't So CD Single 1995 US i've always hated how on the back cover they look fresh off of the blue album shoot, it's uncanny. 10/23/2018 Discogs
The Good Life CD Single 1997 Australia oz ep with the bonus tracks 5/6/2019 Discogs
El Scorcho CD Single 1996 US first single i bought. after taking a picture of my collection (to post on reddit for an ego boost) i accidentally stepped on this copy and split the back of the case across the middle. i take care of my collection, i swear 9/8/2018 Discogs
Christmas CD CD EP 2000 US this cd is also a lot smaller in real life than i thought it would be, sometimes i lose it on my shelf because its so small between the other cds 4/17/2020 eBay
Hash Pipe CD Single 2001 US why is the disc a slightly lighter shade of green compared to the actual green album? this is outrageous! 11/16/2018 eBay
Hash Pipe CD Single 2001 UK Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix) is all this cd is worth. also, my copy still has an original mailing card included, so that's pretty cool 2/10/2019 Discogs
Hash Pipe CD Single 2001 Europe who says i didn't need a third copy of hash pipe? listen man, it has a slightly different cover, some b-sides, and Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix). what more could you want? 1/19/2021 Discogs
Island In The Sun CD Single 2001 US i've always loved the blue theme of this release. also, the band looks absolutely terrifying on the back cover image. 10/23/2018 Discogs
Island In The Sun CD Single 2001 UK i was buying a thermals cd when i saw the seller also had this. apparently i thought "Yeah I Could Use Another Copy Of Island In The Sun". there aren't even any bonus tracks. it's just the same release i already have but in a slimline case and now painted highlighter green 4/6/2020 Discogs
Island In The Sun CD Single 2001 Europe ok atleast this copy has one of my favorite green b-sides, Oh Lisa. also, the enhanced cd content was so violently 2001 it gave me whiplash 1/19/2021 Discogs
Dope Nose CD Single 2002 US doesn't have a cover, which i've always thought was interesting 2/1/2019 Discogs
Keep Fishin' CD Single 2002 Europe this is the cool european version with the live tracks. i still want to have a word with whoever chose the weird dotted line font for the inner booklet text. 11/23/2018 eBay
Keep Fishin' CD Single 2002 US this is the version with kermit on the cover, but only has the radio edit plus the franklin mint version. i was unaware of this when i purchased it, as the eBay listing listed it as "Unknown Artist: Keep Fishin" with no cover art. i added it onto another order to reach the threshold for a 10% discount, and it was actually worth it, even with how shrouded in mystery it was 2/26/2021 eBay
Beverly Hills CD Single 2005 US bro what is scott looking at? 2/1/2019 Discogs
We Are All On Drugs CD Single 2005 Germany seriously underrated cover art. no bonus tracks on my copy =( 2/1/2019 Discogs
Troublemaker CD Single 2008 UK & Europe first we have to talk about brian's incredibly long legs. who made this decision? second, my copy has a song review sticker on the back, which i think is pretty neat. the review talks about pork and beans and how it "continues to spread across the web like a rock n' roll rash". excellent writing. 2/1/2019 Discogs
Troublemaker Remixes CD Maxi-Single 2008 US this is one of the worst listening experiences i have ever had, only second to when i listened to Maximum Weezer in full 1/10/2021 eBay
Pork and Beans CD Single 2008 Europe i want "The song behind the YouTube phenomenon!" written on my gravestone 2/1/2019 Discogs
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To CD Single 2009 Europe this one also has a review sticker: "After much speculation online, across the blogosphere & in the chatrooms, Nov '09 finally sees the return of LA rockers' Weezer with the release of their brand spankin' new dictionary-defying studio alb 'Raditude'". i don't know about you, but i'm sold 2/1/2019 Discogs
Six Hits CD Compilation 2008 US there's a chance i'm confusing it for a different cd, but i think i walked across an apartment complex during a literal blizzard to get to the mailbox to get this package. easily worth it for the best weezer album ever released 11/22/2018 Discogs
Maximum Weezer CD Bootleg 2002 UK this became an inside joke with my friend, and awhile later he bought me a copy off of amazon for 3 dollars as a late christmas gift. he gave it to me at the beginning of the school day, and by lunch i had the brilliant plan to photograph as many people as i could holding it before the day ended. i actually ended up with a ton of pictures, really good memories. i still have those pictures, i just don't really share them often because they're people i know in real life. anyways when i got home i listened to the entire album biography and i gotta say it was one of the worst things i have ever experienced 1/8/2020 friend, via Amazon
The Lowdown 2xCD Bootleg 2008 UK my friend discovered a $100 dollar amazon gift card in his drawer and had to spend all of it before his sisters found out, so one thing led to another and i got a free copy of The Lowdown and Not Alone. The Interview was a pretty terrible listening experience, still doesn't top Maximum Weezer. speaking of, i now own two copies of Maximum Weezer. fuck. 1/12/2021 friend, via Amazon

weezer related

Artist Title Format Type Year Country Notes Date Acquired Purchase Location
Chopper One Now Playing CD Album 1997 US i bought this off of ebay for roughly 4 dollars total because the listing image was incredibly blurry and i found it really funny 2/3/2021 eBay
Matt Sharp Puckett's Versus the Country Boy CD Album 2003 US this plus his solo album plus shipping was like 9 dollars lol 2/21/2021 Discogs
Matt Sharp Matt Sharp CD Album 2004 US i gotta say, the packaging on these two albums was a lot nicer than i expected. it looks incredibly pretty 2/21/2021 Discogs
The Rentals Return of The Rentals CD Album 1995 US like my pinkerton cd, the teeth are broken so the disc just falls out. it's always bothered me how cheap the booklet feels. maybe it's just due to age, i don't know 7/3/2018 Discogs
The Rentals Seven More Minutes CD Album 1999 US this one arrived with a crack across the front of the case so that's cool 5/6/2020 eBay
The Rentals Lost in Alphaville CD Album 2014 US had to think about where i bought this, and then i remembered i bought it from amoeba records' online store, for some reason 2/5/2020 Amoeba Records (Online)
The Rentals Friends of P. CD Single 1995 US big fan of the incredibly orange cd this release has 7/5/2018 Discogs
Rivers Cuomo Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo CD Compilation 2007 US i remember when my friend first sent me blast off and i thought i was deep diving into super rare stuff. boy was i wrong. i never thought we would ever hear the cassettes in the liner notes, but now we've got good chunks of monterey jack and don slacks. neat shit ain't it 7/1/2018 Discogs
Rivers Cuomo Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo CD Compilation 2008 US as i'm writing this i'm only now realizing just how much i listened to alone I and II. just reading these tracklists are bringing back nostalgia for some reason. walt disney and cold and damp are still some of my favorites 2/1/2019 eBay
Rivers Cuomo Not Alone: Rivers Cuomo & Friends Live at Fingerprints CD Live Album 2009 US this was really nice to listen to. this was the other cd my friend bought me with The Lowdown 1/12/2021 friend, via Amazon
Rivers Cuomo Not Alone: Rivers Cuomo & Friends Live at Fingerprints DVD Live Album 2009 US saving this one for weezerpedia discord watch night pretty sweet 1/19/2021 Discogs
Patrick Wilson The Special Goodness CD Album 1998 Japan suprisingly, this is the first ever japanese release in my collection as a whole. it's super cool, but it does have a little bit of water damage(?) on the booklet, but it's only visible if you look hard enough. super cool release though! 3/5/2021 Discogs
The Special Goodness Land Air Sea CD Album 2004 US 2004 reissue version 2/6/2020 eBay
Various DGC Rarities, Vol. 1 CD Compilation 1994 US are you really surprised i own this? these things are as common as leaves 9/9/2020 Discogs
Various MTV 120 Minutes Live CD Live Compilation 1998 US 5 bucks total on eBay lol 1/20/2021 eBay
Various Angus CD Soundtrack 1995 US i haven't even seen angus 2/26/2021 eBay
Various Mallrats CD Soundtrack 1995 US this is the greatest movie ever made 2/26/2021 eBay

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