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ADM I am a Weezerpedia admin.
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Aboutme - Collector.jpg I'm a collector.
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I am 16 years old.
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hey, i'm deckra, i'm a =wp= admin and owner of the discord

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Title Format Type Year Country Notes Date Acquired Purchase Location Link
Weezer (The Blue Album) CD Album 1994 US this was the first weezer cd i bought 5/22/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Blue Album) CD Album 1995 US club edition i got for cheap 8/7/2021 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Blue Album) CD Album 2001 Japan a very kind gift from atw and weezer collecting discord server user Smailtronic, after i wouldn't shut up about how this was the only cd i was missing from the 2001 japanese reissue series. thank you so much smail! 8/2/2021 from smail's personal collection .</font>
Weezer (The Blue Album) (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD Deluxe Album 2004 US deluxe edition. my copy is missing the slipcase and has multiple paper tears, all of which are extremely infuriating. also, matt looks super weird on this because it's the un-photoshopped version of the cover 8/1/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Blue Album) (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD Deluxe Album 2004 US i bought a second copy of this because my first one didn't have the slipcase. it's got some weird discoloring on the back, but it's better than paper tears. un-photoshopped matt still looks weird 8/7/2021 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Blue Album) Vinyl Album 2016 US this was my 2nd/3rd record ever. 2016 remastered version with the fucked up font. purchased with my vinyl copy of pinkerton 12/31/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Blue Album) Cassette Album 1994 US bought a 14 cassette lot on ebay for 25 dollars, solely because it included this, and that price outweighed the rest of the lot. it arrived, and it turned out to be a club edition! nice. special thanks to dil for spotting me 10 bucks because i am poor 9/14/2021 eBay .</font>
Pinkerton CD Album 1996 US second weezer cd i bought, the teeth on the inner jewel case are broken so the disc just falls out when it opens 6/1/2018 Discogs .</font>
Pinkerton CD Album 1996 US cheapo club edition 8/7/2021 Discogs .</font>
Pinkerton CD Album 2001 Japan 2001 japanese reissue. includes an obi strip and a booklet containing a japanese review of the album(?) and japanese lyrics. i got this along with a few other japanese cds from japan and it arrived in only 6 days, holy shit 5/1/2021 Discogs .</font>
Pinkerton (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD Deluxe Album 2010 US deluxe edition. the most expensive cd i've ever bought, at around 19 dollars + 3 dollars shipping (my copy of alive quantum has now taken that record). also missing the slipcase, which is just as infuriating as the last time 6/13/2019 eBay .</font>
Pinkerton Vinyl Album 2016 US this is my 2nd/3rd record ever. 2016 remastered version. purchased with my vinyl copy of the blue album 12/31/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Green Album) CD Album 2001 US this is definitely not in the original jewel case i bought it in, at some point i swapped it to a clear one and i don't remember why. purchased with my maladroit copy 6/7/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Green Album) CD Album 2001 US cheapo club edition 8/7/2021 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Green Album) CD Album 2001 Japan japanese copy with "The Christmas Song" and "I Do" as exclusive bonus tracks. includes an obi strip and a booklet containing a japanese review of the album(?) and japanese lyrics. something i noticed is that this japanese copy doesn't include the "no" on the inside of the spine, like other releases do 5/1/2021 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Green Album) CD Promo Album 2001 Japan who said i shouldn't get a third copy of the standard japanese green release? promo version with a stickered over barcode and "SAMPLE LOANED" stamped onto the disc, found on US eBay 9/1/2021 eBay .</font>
Weezer (The Green Album) Vinyl Album 2016 US dude, fuck this release. it's the remastered 2016 version and they just removed an entire chorus from hash pipe. why? i don't get it. i need to get a new copy of this at some point 6/11/2019 eBay .</font>
Maladroit CD Album 2002 US i got this one for free along with my green album copy cause the seller was doing a buy one get one free deal. i vividly remember spelling it "Maldroit" in my messages with the seller, for some reason. i only discovered recently (april of 2021) that this copy was actually a club edition 6/7/2018 Discogs .</font>
Maladroit CD Album 2002 US this is the numbered version that i got just because i could include it with another order. no. 051071 5/25/2021 Discogs .</font>
Maladroit Vinyl Album 2016 US 2016 remastered version. got this at 2nd and charles when i went on a trip there with a few friends. one friend proceeded to find a copy of blue album deluxe with the slipcase and proceeded to make fun of me for not having the slipcase. bastard. 12/15/2019 2nd & Charles .</font>
Video Capture Device DVD Video Compilation 2004 US "Outlog" and "Stoopid Fresh" are accidental shitpost masterpieces. mikey was funny as shit, dude 4/4/2020 eBay .</font>
Make Believe CD Album 2005 US digipak version 6/20/2018 Discogs .</font>
Make Believe CD Album 2005 US jewel case version. it has a promo sticker on it but i haven't been able to find anything similar online, so i'm assuming its just a regular copy that some radio station slapped a sticker on. i only own this because it was in a two cd eBay lot with my copy of keep fishin' 11/23/2018 eBay .</font>
Make Believe CD Album 2005 US cheapo club edition, jewel case 8/7/2021 Discogs .</font>
Make Believe Vinyl Album 2016 US 2016 remastered version 2/5/2019 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Red Album) CD Album 2008 US nothing special about this one really 7/4/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Red Album) CD Album 2008 UK uk version with two bonus tracks, "The Weight" and "Life Is What You Make It". it's contained in a "super jewel box" case which is probably the coolest thing about it. i got it for 9 bucks on ebay from a somewhat suspicious listing, but it turned out to be legit and i'm glad i got it. 6/22/2021 eBay .</font>
Weezer (The Red Album) CD Album 2008 Japan standard japanese release, not much special. i've never really liked the color of this release's obi strip, it's a bit boring 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
Weezer (The Red Album) (Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2008 US deluxe edition. the fact that the weezer logo on the spine is upside down bothers me 12/4/2019 Discogs .</font>
Raditude CD Album 2009 US my friend who lives in florida bought this and had it shipped to my house as a gift after i kept nagging them to buy it for me. good times 7/6/2018 friend, via Discogs .</font>
Raditude (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD Deluxe Album 2009 US i can tell that this copy's jewel case was replaced at some point because the words "2 DISCS" are printed onto the top of the spine. i guess it makes it easy to discern? also the insert tray card is ripped on the side so that's just awesome 2/5/2021 Discogs .</font>
Death to False Metal CD Compilation Album 2010 US found this at 2nd & charles while buying cds for a friends birthday. i think the back traycard of my copy is folded incorrectly, because the back cover art extends onto the spine a bit 8/2/2018 2nd & Charles .</font>
Hurley CD Album 2010 US my friend bought me this at a record store while he was on a vacation in michigan. thanks, bro 7/30/2018 friend, via record store .</font>
Hurley (Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2010 US deluxe edition. i was buying blink-182 cds and the seller also had this so i bought it just because of that 2/5/2019 Discogs .</font>
Hurley (Japanese Deluxe Edition) CD Deluxe Album 2010 Japan i'm not a big hurley fan, these bonus tracks aren't good, but i'm glad to finally have the purple hurley, completing the trifecta. it's a cool looking release! 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
Everything Will Be Alright in the End CD Album 2014 US when i opened my mailbox, the padded envelope already had a torn hole in it, so that was interesting. purchased with my copy of the white album 9/10/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The White Album) CD Album 2016 US see above. also, when i was moving into my current house, i accidentally tipped over my entire fucking cd cabinet and it just happened to land on this copy. surprisingly, it only suffered minimal damage 9/10/2018 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The White Album) Vinyl Album 2016 USA & Europe my copy has a notch in the front cover like somebody dug their nail into it really hard. how do these things happen 6/18/2019 Discogs .</font>
Pacific Daydream CD Album 2017 US this was my 8th weezer cd because it was the only one that best buy had lol 7/17/2018 Best Buy .</font>
Weezer (The Teal Album) CD Album 2019 US this one arrived with a crack spanning across the entire back cover so that's cool. 6/11/2019 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Black Album) CD Album 2019 US there's no way i've listened to this more than twice. 6/11/2019 Discogs .</font>
Weezer (The Black Album) Vinyl Album 2019 US i literally got this for 10 dollars off of ebay only two months after it came out. it also has a perfect tear on the top of the sleeve, lowering its value further. i bought this because it was cheap, and to have it. i will never listen to it 6/18/2019 eBay .</font>
Weezer (The Black Album) Cassette Album 2019 US 5 bucks lmao 1/24/2021 eBay .</font>
Weezer (The Black Album) Cassette Album 2019 US limited edition yellow version for 6 bucks lmao 2/1/2021 Mercari .</font>
OK Human CD Album 2021 US why twelve dollars 2/8/2021 .</font>
OK Human Vinyl Album 2021 US got the limited to 2000 "Weezer Flesh" variant. pretty nice looking, actually. but why 14 dollars for shipping? it shipped out on the 28th of january and didn't arrive until now 2/8/2021 .</font>
Van Weezer CD Album 2021 US my first covid vaccine dose was at a target so after i got that i bought this. my mom and i listened to it in the car and she really enjoyed it which suprised me
ok so update from like an hour later: i'm noticing that the tray card on my copy was cut incorrectly. if you look at this scan i took, you can see that the one of the spines is cut at an angle. why?
5/7/2021 Target .</font>
Van Weezer Vinyl Album 2021 US neon pink variant. shoutout to my mom for giving me the money to buy this after i wouldn't shut up about how cool it was 5/17/2021 Discogs .</font>
Snippets Cassette Sampler 2001 US somehow i didn't realize that when this cassette said "snippets", it literally meant snippets, the songs are only around 30 seconds long. it's still super cool because it's on cassette, and the dude i bought from actually included two green album promo stickers from the time, so shoutout to him 1/10/2021 eBay .</font>
Songs from the Forthcoming "Maladroit" CD Sampler 2002 US first purchase of 2021 even though i purchased it on december 26th, 2020. BJM #11946 1/7/2021 eBay .</font>
Songs from the Forthcoming "Maladroit" CD Sampler 2002 US LIGHTING HILL/11982. cut me some slack, it was 5 bucks 8/9/2021 Mercari .</font>
The Lion and the Witch CD Live Album 2002 US no. 005752 2/3/2020 eBay .</font>
AOL Sessions DVD Live Album 2005 US why are the albums on the back so out of order? 1/19/2021 Discogs .</font>
Buddy Holly CD Single 1995 UK i've always found it odd just how reflective this disc is 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
Undone - The Sweater Song CD Single 1994 UK apparently this has a bunch of paper sticker residue i haven't noticed until now, great 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
Say It Ain't So CD Single 1995 US i've always hated how on the back cover they look fresh off of the blue album shoot, it's uncanny. 10/23/2018 Discogs .</font>
The Good Life CD Single 1997 Australia oz ep with the bonus tracks 5/6/2019 Discogs .</font>
El Scorcho CD Single 1996 US first single i bought. after taking a picture of my collection (to post on reddit for an ego boost) i accidentally stepped on this copy and split the back of the case across the middle. i take care of my collection, i swear 9/8/2018 Discogs .</font>
El Scorcho CD Single 1996 Europe cardboard sleeve version with ygyltms. i didn't actually realize this was a slipcase until it arrived, pretty cool 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
Pink Triangle CD Single 1997 US shoutout to burnst for telling me about this listing, i proceeded to spend roughly 23 dollars on it. this copy is kinda strange, the label on the front is super crooked and the backs got weird discoloration. i'm still happy, i never thought i'd ever own this disc when i first got into collecting 4/27/2021 eBay .</font>
Christmas CD CD EP 2000 US this cd is also a lot smaller in real life than i thought it would be, sometimes i lose it on my shelf because its so small between the other cds 4/17/2020 eBay .</font>
Photograph CD Single 2001 Japan japanese release w/ obi strip. this release is so cool looking, i've always loved how it looks 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
Hash Pipe CD Single 2001 US why is the disc a slightly lighter shade of green compared to the actual green album? this is outrageous! 11/16/2018 eBay .</font>
Hash Pipe CD Single 2001 UK Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix) is all this cd is worth. also, my copy still has an original mailing card included, so that's pretty cool 2/10/2019 Discogs .</font>
Hash Pipe CD Single 2001 Europe who says i didn't need a third copy of hash pipe? listen man, it has a slightly different cover, some b-sides, and Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix). what more could you want? 1/19/2021 Discogs .</font>
Hash Pipe (The Jimmy Pop Remix) CD Single 2001 UK my friend gave me 3 dollars as a birthday gift so i could cover the rest of the funds to buy this, shoutout to him Gj4NpJiUnEY 4/22/2021 Discogs .</font>
Hash Pipe (The Remixes) Vinyl Single 2001 US why the fuck did they make this release it's literally Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix) and friends pressed onto a full sized 12 inch record it's so funny 5/3/2021 Discogs .</font>
Island in the Sun CD Single 2001 US i've always loved the blue theme of this release. also, the band looks absolutely terrifying on the back cover image. 10/23/2018 Discogs .</font>
Island in the Sun CD Single 2001 UK i was buying a thermals cd when i saw the seller also had this. apparently i thought "Yeah I Could Use Another Copy Of Island In The Sun". there aren't even any bonus tracks. it's just the same release i already have but in a slimline case and now painted highlighter green 4/6/2020 Discogs .</font>
Island in the Sun CD Single 2001 Europe ok atleast this copy has one of my favorite green b-sides, "Oh Lisa". also, the enhanced cd content was so violently 2001 it gave me whiplash 1/19/2021 Discogs .</font>
Island in the Sun CD Single 2001 Australia needed another one 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
3 Titres Inédits CD Promo/Single 2002 France
this has been my holy grail for around two years now, and i got it for free!
basically, in late 2019, a few friends and i from the (now practically abandoned) r/okbuddyholly discord server made a groupchat because we were talking about all the strange official and unofficial weezer releases we could find, when i discovered 3 titres. something about the re-use of the green album cover and the fucked up font just made me want it really bad. so, since then, i had been on a hunt (not of the highest priority) for it. recently, burnst was browsing eBay France (as burnst would) and found a 6 CD lot listing including 3 titres. i instantly went for it, messaging the guy selling it to ask if he would ship to the us. he said it would but it would cost me nearly 40 dollars USD. i was willing to pay it, but then he took the listing down. i had sent him a lot of messages during that time asking about the cd, and if he would ship it alone, etc. eventually, i got a response saying that shipping a large package to the us would be too much of a headache, and he didn't agree to the new eBay rules, so he took his listings down. he noticed how passionate i was for this stupid piece of cardboard, so he actually sent it as a gift to me. totally free of charge. Cedric, if you're reading this, please know that you are an absolute legend and i will cherish this forever.
5/24/2021 eBay .</font>
Dope Nose CD Single 2002 US doesn't have a cover, which i've always thought was interesting 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
Keep Fishin' CD Single 2002 Europe this is the cool european version with the live tracks. i still want to have a word with whoever chose the weird dotted line font for the inner booklet text. 11/23/2018 eBay .</font>
Keep Fishin' CD Single 2002 US this is the version with kermit on the cover, but only has the radio edit plus the franklin mint version. i was unaware of this when i purchased it, as the eBay listing listed it as "Unknown Artist: Keep Fishin" with no cover art. i added it onto another order to reach the threshold for a 10% discount, and it was actually worth it, even with how shrouded in mystery it was 2/26/2021 eBay .</font>
Beverly Hills CD Single 2005 US bro what is scott looking at? 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
We Are All on Drugs CD Single 2005 Germany seriously underrated cover art. no bonus tracks on my copy =( 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
Troublemaker CD Single 2008 UK & Europe first we have to talk about brian's incredibly long legs. who made this decision? second, my copy has a song review sticker on the back, which i think is pretty neat. the review talks about pork and beans and how it "continues to spread across the web like a rock n' roll rash". excellent writing. 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
Troublemaker Remixes CD Maxi-Single 2008 US this is one of the worst listening experiences i have ever had, only second to when i listened to Maximum Weezer in full 1/10/2021 eBay .</font>
Pork and Beans CD Single 2008 Europe i want "The song behind the YouTube phenomenon!" written on my gravestone 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To CD Single 2009 Europe this one also has a review sticker: "After much speculation online, across the blogosphere & in the chatrooms, Nov '09 finally sees the return of LA rockers' Weezer with the release of their brand spankin' new dictionary-defying studio alb 'Raditude'". i don't know about you, but i'm sold 2/1/2019 Discogs .</font>
Six Hits CD Compilation 2008 US there's a chance i'm confusing it for a different cd, but i think i walked across an apartment complex during a literal blizzard to get to the mailbox to get this package. easily worth it for the best weezer album ever released 11/22/2018 Discogs .</font>
Alive Quantum 2xCD Bootleg 2002 Japan
best 40 dollars i've ever accidentally spent

ok but legit, this is the first cd i've ever bought directly from japan, and i wanted to try out Buyee. anyways, one thing led to another and i ended up spending around 40 dollars on the cd + buyee fees + seamail shipping, which sucked. besides that, this copy is actually super fucking clean, like i was impressed it didn't have any damage. it shipped out on the 12th of january and only took a nice 3 months to arrive on the second of april

4/4/2021 Yahoo! Auctions Japan (via Buyee) .</font>
B-Side & Rare CDr Bootleg 2005 Japan bootleg from Von Knows that i found for 10 bucks. it's got an indent in the cover from being placed in the jewel case wrong, but besides that it's in great condition. this release is really stupid 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
B-sides and Rarities CDr Bootleg
sorry, burnst
but yeah, it was 30 dollars on ebay, i couldn't just let this slip up. i need to collect more bootlegs!!
8/2/2021 eBay .</font>
Blitzkrieg in Germany (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD Deluxe Bootleg 2002 Japan rare release that showed up on mercari japan, a deluxe version of blitzkrieg in germany that contains outloud tour 2001 as a bonus disc. it's pretty obviously hastily threw together, but it's still a unique release 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
Brisk American CD Bootleg 2002 Japan it's got a crease in the cover and a sunbleached spine, but dude, 14 dollars including shipping??? on united states ebay??? wtf??? 8/12/2021 eBay .</font>
Maximum Weezer CD Bootleg 2002 UK this became an inside joke with my friend, and awhile later he bought me a copy off of amazon for 3 dollars as a late christmas gift. he gave it to me at the beginning of the school day, and by lunch i had the brilliant plan to photograph as many people as i could holding it before the day ended. i actually ended up with a ton of pictures, really good memories. i still have those pictures, i just don't really share them often because they're people i know in real life. anyways when i got home i listened to the entire album biography and i gotta say it was one of the worst things i have ever experienced 1/8/2020 friend, via Amazon .</font>
The Lowdown 2xCD Bootleg 2008 UK my friend discovered a $100 dollar amazon gift card in his drawer and had to spend all of it before his sisters found out, so one thing led to another and i got a free copy of The Lowdown and Not Alone. The Interview was a pretty terrible listening experience, still doesn't top Maximum Weezer. speaking of, i now own two copies of Maximum Weezer. fuck. 1/12/2021 friend, via Amazon .</font>

weezer related

Artist Title Format Type Year Country Notes Date Acquired Purchase Location Link
AM Radio Radioactive CD Album 2003 US y'know i give this album a lot of shit because it's funny but i actually do enjoy it, so i bought a cheap copy as an extra to the cherrydisc records comp i bought 7/6/2021 eBay .</font>
Carnival Art Welcome To Vas Llegas CD Album 1992 US this album is pretty great, but this copy just arrived in totally shit condition. price sticker on the front (with residue from an older, larger one behind it), a half torn barcode sticker covering the actual barcode, a drill hole in the back case and art, sharpie marks on the spine, and overall dirtiness. at least the inside art, disc, and hype sticker were in tact, but besides that, it really blows 7/6/2021 Discogs .</font>
Chopper One Now Playing CD Album 1997 US i bought this off of ebay for roughly 4 dollars total because the listing image was incredibly blurry and i found it really funny 2/3/2021 eBay .</font>
El Scolcho El? Scorcho! 4 Cassette Tribute Album 2004 Japan super cool and unique tape of some live covers of weezer songs. found on mercari jp for 10 bucks, and it also came with a unique postcard(?). seriously cool! 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
Heretix The Adventures of Super Devil CD Album 1993 US seriously great album, i decided i needed a copy 7/6/2021 eBay .</font>
Jocobono Jocobono CD Album 1995 US prior to recieving this in the mail, i had never heard this album before. i was looking at Mikey Welsh's page out of boredom one day and realized i hadn't ever checked out his side stuff. i liked the look of jocobono and wanted to take a listen, but i could not find a single rip of the album anywhere. i found the cd sealed for two dollars on discogs, and bought it just because it was cheap and i was interested. it was worth it, the albums awesome 3/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
Jocobono Jocobono Cassette Album 1995 US when i was first researching jocobono, i found an image of this tape on google images, and the image was from a listing for the tape on a texas tape shop for two dollars clearance. i had already ordered my jocobono cd at that point, but i just thought it was such a cool release for such a cheap price that i basically impulse bought it right before i went to sleep. i wonder how many people out there own both a cd and cassette copy of jocobono's album 3/17/2021 .</font>
Karlophone Press Any Key to Begin CD Album 2002 US signed! this and all of my other karlophone stuff was bought in a single order off of his bandcamp 4/19/2021 Bandcamp .</font>
Karlophone I Must Find This Karlophone... CD Album 2007 US signed! big fan of the little dude karl draws on his signatures 4/19/2021 Bandcamp .</font>
Karlophone I Must Find This Karlophone... Vinyl Album 2007 US signed! no. 70 out of 150. this release has always been interesting to me: why does the art only cover less than a quarter of the vinyl? why is it numbered? how did track 10 get left out due to "length issues"? who's the little dude karl drew on my copy? why does only side b have any written information? the world may never know 4/19/2021 Bandcamp .</font>
Karlophone Desire Vinyl (7") Single 2004 US signed! karl drew a face on the stone wheel hanging from the ceiling and i gotta say it adds a lot to the release 4/19/2021 Bandcamp .</font>
The Kickovers Osaka CD Album 2002 US i seriously don't get why nobody talks about mikey's side projects, the kickovers are awesome, and this is a seriously fantastic album. i'm really glad i finally got a copy, because scans of the inner art didn't exist anywhere online, and it was very nice to see them. very good album with really cool visuals, would recommend getting a copy 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
The Kickovers Osaka CD Promo Album 2002 US a coverless promo of osaka. a cool, cheap addition to another order 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
The Kickovers Fake in Love/Don't Look Down Vinyl (7") Single 2002 US i've always really adored the cover art of this single, it's simple but really cool looking. cool single, pretty good songs 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
Magpie Animals Vinyl (7") Single/EP 1993 US i bought this because the songs didn't exist anywhere online, and they were awesome. the clear vinyl is pretty sweet too. my copy arrived with a price sticker on the artwork and sharpie on the clear outer sleeve, but thankfully i was able to get the sticker off, and i had a spare sleeve without writing. i hate sellers that do that kind of stuff 7/6/2021 Discogs .</font>
Magpie Seven 8 Vinyl (7") Single 1994 US shoutouts to Tyson for buying this for me 7/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
Matt Sharp Puckett's Versus the Country Boy CD Album 2003 US this plus his solo album plus shipping was like 9 dollars lol 2/21/2021 Discogs .</font>
Matt Sharp Matt Sharp CD Album 2004 US i gotta say, the packaging on these two albums was a lot nicer than i expected. it looks incredibly pretty 2/21/2021 Discogs .</font>
Matt Sharp Just Like Movie Stars CD Single 2004 UK this was like 8 bucks total but it wasn't on discogs and i hadn't seen it before so i bought it. this copy is weird. it's a foldable paper inside of a slipcase, the background art is super low quality, the disc has markers for side A and B on it and "45" written on it as if it was taken from the vinyl version, and my copy skipped a ton when i played it on my player, but ripped totally fine on my computer. shit's cursed probably 5/24/2021 eBay .</font>
Nmesh Weezer... on Acid CD Tribute/Remix Album 2001 US first of all, i wanna give a massive shoutout to Tyson for spotting me the 20 dollars i needed to get this release because i'm poor. anyways, angel discovered that nmesh was still selling copies of this (if you contacted him through email), bought a copy, and then didn't tell us until theirs arrived. once we were told, burnst, Tyson, and i all flocked to him to get a copy. he was super chill, i explained that we were all coming at him at the same time since we all knew each other and were all from weezerpedia. he told me he looked around the site and thought it was cool. nmesh, if you're reading this, what's up, and thanks for the cd! 6/10/2021 Personal contact (email) .</font>
The Relationship Clara Obscura Cassette Album 2017 US 3 dollars on lollipop records!! holy shit!! 5/3/2021 .</font>
The Relationship Oh Allen Vinyl (7") Single 2015 US pretty cheap addition to another order. i've only heard the song like twice but it's still pretty sick 5/25/2021 Discogs .</font>
The Relationship Break Me Open Vinyl (7") Single 2017 US i do find it interesting how they released a self-titled single. also super cheap on lollipop records! 5/3/2021 .</font>
The Rentals Return of The Rentals CD Album 1995 US like my pinkerton cd, the teeth are broken so the disc just falls out. it's always bothered me how cheap the booklet feels. maybe it's just due to age, i don't know 7/3/2018 Discogs .</font>
The Rentals Seven More Minutes CD Album 1999 US this one arrived with a crack across the front of the case so that's cool 5/6/2020 eBay .</font>
The Rentals Lost in Alphaville CD Album 2014 US had to think about where i bought this, and then i remembered i bought it from amoeba records' online store, for some reason 2/5/2020 Amoeba Records (online) .</font>
The Rentals Friends of P. CD Single 1995 US big fan of the incredibly orange cd this release has 7/5/2018 Discogs .</font>
The Rentals Friends of P. CD Single 1995 US cardboard case version with the headless pat cover. i never noticed that he was headless in this cover. also, it bothers me that the case opens at the top instead of the side 5/25/2021 Discogs .</font>
Rivers Cuomo Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo CD Compilation 2007 US i remember when my friend first sent me blast off and i thought i was deep diving into super rare stuff. boy was i wrong. i never thought we would ever hear the cassettes in the liner notes, but now we've got good chunks of monterey jack and don slacks. neat shit ain't it 7/1/2018 Discogs .</font>
Rivers Cuomo Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo CD Compilation 2007 Japan japanese copy, contains an obi strip and a booklet containing a japanese review of the album(?) and japanese lyrics 5/1/2021 Discogs .</font>
Rivers Cuomo Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo CD Compilation 2008 US as i'm writing this i'm only now realizing just how much i listened to alone I and II. just reading these tracklists are bringing back nostalgia for some reason. walt disney and cold and damp are still some of my favorites 2/1/2019 eBay .</font>
Rivers Cuomo Not Alone: Rivers Cuomo & Friends Live at Fingerprints CD Live Album 2009 US this was really nice to listen to. this was the other cd my friend bought me with The Lowdown 1/12/2021 friend, via Amazon .</font>
Rivers Cuomo Not Alone: Rivers Cuomo & Friends Live at Fingerprints DVD Live Album 2009 US saving this one for weezerpedia discord watch night pretty sweet 1/19/2021 Discogs .</font>
Scott & Rivers スコット と リバース (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD Deluxe Album 2013 Japan this release is so cool. it's pretty much a standard copy of the album, but with a new dvd in a 2xcd case, and is contained in this very pretty white and pink slipcase, with its own unique oversized obi strip. super cool 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
Patrick Wilson The Special Goodness CD Album 1998 Japan i already own this release, but my current copy is in pretty rough condition, so i bought this because i needed a better condition copy (and it was in a listing with a copy of farmland land air sea). the jewel case was yellowed, so i swapped it with my existing copy. i'm most likely going to sell my old one 8/24/2021 Yahoo! Auctions Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
The Special Goodness Land Air Sea CD Album 2003 US farmland variant. US release that was exported to japan and then i imported it back to the US 08/24/2021 Yahoo! Auctions Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
The Special Goodness Land Air Sea CD Album 2004 US 2004 reissue version 2/6/2020 eBay .</font>
The Special Goodness Land Air Sea CD Promo Album 2004 Europe promotional cardboard case copy for the 2004 reissue. this package took around a month and a half to arrive from europe and i am still salty about that 5/24/2021 Discogs .</font>
Supersport 2000 Pinkslip CD Single/EP 1995 US it's so fucking good, i'm so happy i finally got a copy of this. 7/6/2021 eBay .</font>
that dog. Totally Crushed Out! CD Album 1995 US some fucker put a price tag sticker on the actual cover booklet itself. i was able to get it off, but i'm still pissed at whoever thought to do that. anyways, this album rips 5/3/2021 Discogs .</font>
that dog. Retreat from the Sun CD Album 1997 US i got this for 5 bucks and it's an incredibly clean copy for being over 20 years old. this album also rips 5/4/2021 eBay .</font>
that dog. Old Timer CD Single 1994 US i'm such a big fan of the dating profiles of the members on the back cover of this. the problem is that this copy arrived in kinda shit condition. the buyer only advertised it as having sticker residue, which was true, but then it arrived with indents, scratches, and dimples on the front and back covers. kinda blows 5/25/2021 Discogs .</font>
Various DGC Rarities, Vol. 1 CD Compilation 1994 US are you really surprised i own this? these things are as common as leaves 9/9/2020 Discogs .</font>
Various Gimme Skelter CD Compilation 2003 US i mostly bought this as just an add-on for another order but it's still pretty cool. i haven't listened to anything else on it besides weezer. also, this is a promo copy! it's the regular art but it's got a promo sticker/card on the disc itself 5/3/2021 Discogs .</font>
Various MTV 120 Minutes Live CD Compilation 1998 US 5 bucks total on eBay lol 1/20/2021 eBay .</font>
Various CherryDisc Records - "Release" CD Compilation 1996 US i bought this mostly because it didn't exist on discogs and had an unheard Jocobono track on it. can confirm, the jocobono track is good, and it's a pretty cool novelty item overall 7/6/2021 eBay .</font>
Various Bloodshot CD Promo Compilation 1994 US this one arrived with dimples and sticker residue, in which, unlike the that dog. single, the seller did not mention the sticker residue. i just kinda wish discogs sellers would grade their stuff accurately 5/25/2021 Discogs .</font>
Various CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 92 April 2001 CD Promo Compilation 2001 US this is a compilation promo disc that comes included with the CMJ New Music Monthly Issue No. 92, April 2001 magazine. it's got "The Christmas Song" as the first track. that's pretty much all i recognize on this disc, apart from the guided by voices track right after it. mine's still attached to my copy of the magazine!
update: this disc got me into Husking Bee, who had the 17th track on this disc
4/24/2021 eBay .</font>
Various Angus CD Soundtrack 1995 US i haven't even seen angus 2/26/2021 eBay .</font>
Various Mallrats CD Soundtrack 1995 US this is the greatest movie ever made 2/26/2021 eBay .</font>
Various Across the Sea: A Tribute to Weezer CD Tribute Album 2003 Japan absolutely fantastic tribute album, with some of my favorite artwork of any cd i own. super unique covers, one of my favorite tributes 8/24/2021 Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font>
Various Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli CD Tribute Album 1998 US i was finally able to get a copy of this, even if the jewel case is a bit broken. very beautiful release with very good songs. rest easy, mykel and carli. 5/3/2021 Discogs .</font>
Various A Punk Tribute to Weezer CD Tribute Album 2002 US i hadn't listened to this until i got a copy, and some of it's hilariously bad. serious respect for this release though, i've always loved the artwork 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
Various Muppets: The Green Album CD Tribute Album 2011 US i didn't know this was a digipak until it arrived. the rainbow connection cover is very pretty 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
Various Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer CD Tribute Album 2001 US there's some really good covers on here but there's also a reason i paid only one dollar for it 5/1/2021 Discogs .</font>
Various Where Is My Mind?: A Tribute to the Pixies CD Tribute Album 1999 US velouria fucking rips 8/7/2021 Discogs .</font>
Wax 13 Unlucky Numbers CD Album 1995 US it was 2 dollars please leave me alone 8/13/2021 Discogs .</font>
Zed Starlight CD Single 2002 US the same friend that bought me my first copy of Maximum Weezer bought me this as a late birthday gift. to keep the tradition alive, i yet again went around to my friends during the school day, getting pictures of them holding it. that was pretty fun 4/22/2021 friend, via Discogs .</font>


Item Item type Notes Date Acquired Purchase Location
Weezer Fan Book a very great comic collection by Alec Longstreth about his experience in the weezer fandom. i read all three online recently, and decided i really needed a physical copy. it's an incredibly great read and i'm very happy to have a copy of it. 8/13/2021 Amazon
Weezine Omnibus Book a copy that was very, very generously gifted to me and signed by Alec Longstreth after i emailed him about weezerpedia and being a fanboy. thank you so much, this is so fucking cool 8/30/2021 Personal contact (email)
Weezer Five-stacked Red Flying =W= shirt Clothing generic weezer shirt my grandma got me for my birthday 4/??/2020 Amazon (i think)
The Rentals "Invasion Night" hoodie Clothing bought this when it was announced because i needed a hoodie for school and it looked cool. i've used it pretty frequently ever since, it's pretty okay. the glow in the dark doesn't work, like, at all 1/??/2020
The Special Goodness Light Blue Rectangle Logo shirt Clothing incredibly awesome early birthday gift from my dad's girlfriend, it was super unexpected. i put the ebay link on my birthday wishlist this past year and it was the one she chose, i guess 4/2/2021 eBay
CMJ New Music Monthly Issue No. 92, April 2001 Magazine features weezer on the cover, an article about the band, and a promotional disc that features "The Christmas Song" as the first track 4/24/2021 eBay
Guitar Player Volume 36 Issue No. 7, July 2002 Magazine i bought this for 4 dollars total because it said "weezer" at the top of the cover and that's all i need to impulse buy something apparently 5/3/2021 eBay
Alternative Press Issue No. 202, May 2005 Magazine they look like plastic in every single image in this magazine 5/3/2021 eBay
Rolling Stone Issue No. 973, May 5, 2005 Magazine this is a pretty cool article but this magazine is incredibly wide and will not fit on my scanner so that means i will forever hate it 5/3/2021 eBay
Alternative Press Issue No. 315, October 2014 Magazine this articles interesting because it mentions both weezerpedia and atw by name. it also features my new favorite image of scott shriner 5/3/2021 eBay
Weezer (The Red Album) poster Poster promotional poster, double sided 12/9/2019 eBay
Raditude poster Poster promotional poster 12/9/2019 eBay
Raditude poster Poster promotional poster. the poster set i bought on eBay sent me two raditude posters instead of a raditude poster and a sticker sheet 12/9/2019 eBay
EWBAITE poster Poster promotional poster, double sided 12/9/2019 eBay
2001 Weezer logo sticker Sticker black text on blue album background logo sticker, features "album in stores spring 2001" on the back as well as concert dates for the Yahoo! Outloud Tour. came with my Snippets cassette 6/10/2021 eBay
2001 Weezer logo sticker Sticker black text (for some reason) on green album background logo sticker, features "album in stores may 15" on the back. came with my Snippets cassette 6/10/2021 eBay

previously owned items

Artist Title Format Type Year Country Original Notes Owned Purchase Location Link Reason
Weezer Weezer (The Green Album) CD Album 2001 Japan i already own this, it was included in a listing that had two other items i wanted (japanese red and hurley) for pretty cheap, so i bought it anyways. i'm probably going to end up selling it 8/24/2021
Mercari Japan (via Neokyo) .</font> duplicate copy included in a lot order. sold to tyson
Patrick Wilson The Special Goodness CD Album 1998 Japan suprisingly, this is the first ever japanese release in my collection as a whole. it's super cool, but it does have a little bit of water damage(?) on the booklet, but it's only visible if you look hard enough. super cool release though! 3/5/2021
Discogs .</font> purchased a new copy because my old one (this one) had water damage. the new copy had yellowed case, so i swapped it onto this one, making it extra damaged! sold to tyson (sorry for all the damage)


...Mikey is standing in front of a big display of weezer bootlegs. Lots of them.
On sale. In a store. Legally. funny laws they got there in Japan...(the first Tokyo show was on sale there already!!)