Supersport 2000

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Supersport 2000
Supersport 2000 1.png
Background information
Origin United States
Years active 1990's
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Label(s) Skinny Records (as Magpie)
Boy's Life Records (as Supersport 2000)
Former Members
Cherielynn Westrich
Rod Cervera
Mike Fletcher
Graciela Germann
Debbie Diament

Supersport 2000 was a Los Angeles-based rock/pop group, previously known as Magpie. Associated with a variety of bands that recorded at Poop Alley Studios, they were pillars of the Los Angeles alternative rock community in the early 90's. They came up alongside Weezer, That Dog, Wax, and others. Band members Rod Cervera and Cherielynn Westrich also played in The Rentals.


Supersport 2000 employed a guitar-driven pop sound similar to Weezer and The Rentals, but far less hook-oriented and employing elements of lo-fi.



Magpie consisted of the same lineup as Supersport 2000 with two major exceptions. It was fronted by Debbie Diament instead of Cherielynn Westrich, and did not include Graciella Germann. This line up only lasted a few months before Diament was kicked from the band, Westrich replaced her as frontman, and Germann was added to the band[1].

Supersport 2000

The band's only official release, "Pinkslip", was released in mid-1995 on CD, vinyl, and cassette. Vinyl versions of the single contain "17 Braids" as a b-side, while the CD and cassette versions contain "17 Braids" as well as "I Love Christian Stone" as additional tracks. The cassette releases of the single were exclusive to the Weezer Fan Club, and contained a yellow colored sticker of the band's logo. In 1998, the band contributed "Faster Kiddies" to the album Hear You Me! A Tribute to Mykel and Carli.

Post breakup

Since the band dissolved, Cervera has worked with Weezer numerous times in side musician and engineering/production roles. Westrich pursued a career in the automotive industry, and later ran for and won a seat in the Iowa State House of Representatives.


As Magpie

As Supersport 2000


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