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Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997)

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Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997)
Unofficial bootleg by Supersport 2000
Released 1997
Recorded Various
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 54:19

Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997) is an unofficial, digitally released bootleg containing unreleased songs and live recordings by Supersport 2000. It was released in 1997.


As it is unknown how most of the songs from Holy Grail initially leaked, the titles assigned to its songs are not considered official. The songs "Faster Kiddies" and "Seatbelt" have had their titles confirmed by the band in other instances.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Seatbelt"   2:46
2. "Killing Spree"   3:11
3. "Sr. Benito"   2:36
4. "Faster Kiddies"   4:08
5. "DC-9"   3:23
6. "Popeye"   3:03
7. "Spinner"   2:40
8. "It's So Easy"   3:33
9. "Interview"   2:19
10. "Wet Texass (live)"   3:38
11. "Rockslide (live)"   1:32
12. "On Fire (live)"   2:40
13. "You'R 3 (live)"   3:08
14. "Surf's Up (live)"   3:33
15. "I Am a Mechanic (live)"   3:07
16. "Unknown (live)"   2:42
17. "I Am Shy (live)"   2:54
18. "Shrine Like the Holy Grail (live)"   3:18
Total length:

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