Generation Blue

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Generation Blue: An Oral History of the Hollywood Geek Rock Scene in the 1990s & 2000s
EditorS.W. Lauden
Cover artistJohn Lathrop
SubjectGeek rock, Weezer
PublisherRemember the Lightning, LLC, Big Stir
Publication dateApril 26, 2024
WebsiteRemember the Lightning
Generation Blue
Generation Blue cover
Compilation album by various
Released April 26, 2024
Format vinyl
Genre Alternative rock
Length 39:39
Label Big Stir Records, Spyderpop Records
Producer(s) Christina Bulbenko, Rex Broone
Compiler S.W. Lauden/Steve Coulter
Singles from Generation Blue
  1. "Where the Hell Is She"
    Released: March 15, 2024

Generation Blue is a 2024 multimedia project consisting of an oral history book curated and edited by S.W. Lauden (a pen name for former Ridel High drummer Steve Coulter) and a compilation album (released both digitally and as a limited-edition vinyl LP). The book and vinyl package were first made available for purchase exclusively to members of the Weezer Fan Club on March 16, 2024[1] ahead of the package's official release on April 26.


Poster for April 28 launch party

The book, Generation Blue: An Oral History of the Hollywood Geek Rock Scene in the 1990s & 2000s, dissects the history of the geek rock sub-genre which originated in Hollywood, California during the '90s. It covers the influence of Weezer and the Blue Album on the scene's development and includes retrospectives and personal accounts from members of Nerf Herder, Chopper One, Ozma, Supersport 2000, and other bands. The book features a foreword written by Karl Koch and an afterword by Justin Fisher.

The compilation album features 11 rare or previously unreleased songs by the bands featured in the book. Its lead single, "Where the Hell Is She" by Shufflepuck, released on March 15, 2024, accompanied by a new music video assembled using live archival footage and marketing materials.[2]

The book and album were sold together as a single package by the independent labels Big Stir Records and Spyderpop Records. The album was pressed on blue vinyl in limited quantities. The compilation is also available on streaming and digital music services. The package was first available for sale on March 16, exclusively to Weezer Fan Club members.[1] Its official release date, as listed on the Big Stir Records website, is April 26, 2024. Lauden participated in an interview with the music blog Add to Wantlist on March 24 to discuss the project.

A launch party is scheduled for April 28 at Aztec Hotel in Monrovia, California to celebrate the project's official release. Acoustic sets from members of Ozma and Nerf Herder and full sets from Psoma, Ridel High, Shufflepuck, and Campfire Girls were announced.[3]

The project is a companion piece to Lauden's 2023 oral history on Popsicko, which was also accompanied by a vinyl release. It additionally follows two books of essays collated by Lauden and co-editors, Go All the Way (2019) and Go Further (2021), which covered the history of the power pop sub-genre. The former included an essay on the Blue Album by Daniel Brummel of Ozma, who features prominently in Generation Blue.

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Where the Hell Is She"  Shufflepuck 3:20
2. "Pop Tarte"  Baby Lemonade 4:11
3. "Mooks"  Supersport 2000 3:08
4. "Broken Tooth"  Campfire Girls 4:30
5. "Keep the Sun"  Cockeyed Ghost 3:19
6. "Touch My Fuzz"  Chopper One 2:36
7. "We Opened for Weezer"  Nerf Herder 4:29
8. "Self Destructive" (demo)Ridel High 3:17
9. "No One Needs to Know"  Ozma 4:07
10. "Never the Same"  Psoma 3:26
11. "Hush"  AM Radio 3:16
Total length:



Full list of contributors

Interviews with the following individuals appear throughout the book. In order of appearance:

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  • S.W. Lauden/Steve Couller — Compiler
  • Cheistina Bulbenko — Production
  • Rex Broome — Production
  • Alan Petsche — Executive production
  • Carl Saff — Mastering
  • John Lathrop — Cover/sleeve design
Press [Expand] to view song credits

Shufflepuck - "Where the Hell Is She"

  • Adam Orth — Writing, lead/backing vocals, rhythm/lead guitars, production
  • Ed Alexander — Bass
  • Justin Fisher — Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Keith Fallis — Drums
  • Jim Wirt — Production
  • James Saez — Engineering
  • David Bianco — Mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen

Baby Lemonade - "Pop Tarte"

  • Mike Randle — Writing, lead guitar, lead vocals
  • Rusty Squeezebox — Writing, production, engineering, guitar, backing vocals
  • David Green — Engineering, Drums
  • David Chapelle — Bass, backing vocals
  • Long Gone John — Executive producer

Supersport 2000 - "Mooks"

Campfire Girls - "Broken Tooth"

  • Christian Stone — Writing, guitar, vocals
  • Andrew Clark — Writing, bass
  • Jon Pikus — Writing, drums
  • John Hanlon — Recording, production
  • Campfire Girls — Production
  • Alan Yoshida — Mastering

Cockeyed Ghost - "Keep the Sun"

  • Adam Marshland — Writing, vocals, guitar
  • Rob Cassel — Vocals, bass
  • Paul "Wally" Presson — Drums, vocals

Chopper One - "Touch My Fuzz"

Nerf Herder - "We Opened for Weezer"

  • Parry Gripp — Writing, vocals, guitar
  • Ben Pringle — Bass, backing vocals
  • Linus Dotson — Guitar, backing vocals
  • Steve Sherlock — Drums
  • Jay Ruston — Mixing

Ridel High - "Self Destructive" (demo)

Ozma - "No One Needs to Know"

Psoma - "Never the Same"

  • Marc Blistein — Writing, performance
  • Justin Fisher — Writing, performance
  • Pete Novitch — Writing, performance
  • Iain Wade — Writing, performance

AM Radio - "Hush"

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