Chopper One

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Chopper One
L-R: Tyrone, Amy, Jason
Background information
Origin United States
Years active 1995-1999
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Label(s) USA Side 1 Recordings/Dummy Recordings (1995)
Restless Records (1997-1998)
Current Members
Jason Cropper (guitar, lead vocals)
Amy Cropper (bass, vocals)
Tyrone Rio (drums 1995-1997)
Troy Zeigler (drums 1998-1999)
Dallan Baumgarten (guitar 1998-1999)
This page is about the band. For the eponymous album, see Chopper One (album)

Chopper One was a rock band from Los Angeles formed by former Weezer guitarist Jason Cropper with his then-wife Amy Cropper.


Chopper One was formed by guitarist Jason Cropper with his wife, bassist Amy Cropper, and drummer Tyrone Rio, following Jason Cropper's departure from Weezer in 1993. The band released an indie single titled Free Lunch in 1995, followed by their debut album Now Playing in 1997. In 1998 the band lineup changed, with Troy Zeigler playing drums and Dallan Baumgarten joining as a guitarist. The band's debut album was reissued as simply Chopper One. Chopper One disbanded in 1999. Cropper has continued various writing, recording, and production projects in the years since.


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