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Now Playing
Now Playing cover
Studio album by Chopper One
Released July 15, 1997
Recorded Water Music, Hoboken, NJ; Sound City, Van Nuys, CA; West Beach Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Genre Alternative rock
Length 45:45
Label Restless Records
01877-72930-2 (original) 01877-72968-2 (reissue)
Producer(s) Don Fleming except "Touch My Fuzz" by Jason Cropper and "A Punk Named Josh" by Steve Kravac and Jason Cropper
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Chopper One chronology
Free Lunch 7" (1995) Now Playing
Chopper One
Singles from Now Playing
  1. "Touch My Fuzz"
  2. "Hescher with a Gym Bag"
  3. "A Punk Named Josh"
Alternate cover
Chopper One' (1998) cover
Chopper One' (1998) cover

Now Playing (later reissued as simply Chopper One) is the debut album by Chopper One, initially released on July 15, 1997. The album was reissued in 1998 as a self-titled album.


Recorded and released in 1997, Now Playing was produced by Don Fleming, who has worked with former Weezer tourmates Teenage Fanclub, among others. The album included re-recorded versions of the tracks "Free Lunch" and "Mr. Waldon" from the band's debut single, Free Lunch, as well as twelve new songs. The cover of Now Playing features Jason and Amy Cropper's daughter Kiefer on the cover. Kiefer also appears in a hidden track on the album.

Now Playing was released in Japan in 1998 with the song "A Punk Named Josh" included as a bonus track. Now Playing was reissued in the US in 1998 with new artwork and re-titled simply Chopper One. This re-issue featured "A Punk Named Josh" in place of the track "Mary's Clothes" (co-written by former Chopper One drummer Tyrone Rio).


At the time of release, the album was fairly well-received by Weezer fans. The band performed at a number of Weezer Fan Club gatherings and contributed the album track "I Like You" to the benefit compilation Hear You Me! A Tribute To Mykel And Carli.

Track listing

Now Playing (1997)

Now Playing (1997) track list
No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Free Lunch"  Jason Cropper/Amy Cropper 3:23
2. "Touch My Fuzz"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 2:32
3. "Dynamite"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 3:44
4. "Hescher with a Gym Bag"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 2:41
5. "Mary's Clothes"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper/Tyrone Rio 2:01
6. "Cantankerous"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 3:27
7. "Frank N. Stein"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 3:34
8. "My Star"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 2:57
9. "I Like You"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 4:10
10. "Get Up"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 2:58
11. "Cherry Crush"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 2:35
12. "Mr. Waldon"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 3:35
13. "Boom Boom Betty"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 4:08
14. "Silver Tongue"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 3:21
15. "(untitled hidden track)"  J. Cropper/A. Cropper 0:37

Chopper One (1998)

All songs written and composed by Jason Cropper and Amy Cropper

Chopper One (1998) track list
No. Title Length
1. "Free Lunch"   3:23
2. "Touch My Fuzz"   2:32
3. "Dynamite"   3:44
4. "Hescher with a Gym Bag"   2:41
5. "A Punk Named Josh"   3:09
6. "Cantankerous"   3:27
7. "Frank N. Stein"   3:34
8. "My Star"   2:57
9. "I Like You"   4:10
10. "Get Up"   2:58
11. "Cherry Crush"   2:35
12. "Mr. Waldon"   3:35
13. "Boom Boom Betty"   4:08
14. "Silver Tongue"   3:21
15. "(untitled hidden track)"   0:37
Total length:



Now Playing (1997)

Chopper One (1998)

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