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Amy Wellner
Amy Cropper.JPG
Background information
Birth name Amy Wellner
Years active 1995–present
Instrument(s) bass, vocals
Associated acts Chopper One
Website Art Store
Art Instagram

Amy Wellner (previously named Amy Cropper) was the wife of former Weezer member, Jason Cropper, and founding member of the band Chopper One.


Originating from North Olmsted, Ohio, Amy met Jason Cropper in the early 1992 after moving to California and finding a job at Ticketmaster. In 1993, Amy became pregnant with Jason's first child, causing Jason to leave Weezer. As a result, the two formed a band called "Braxton Hicks" which was later renamed "Chopper One". The band released an indie single in 1995, and wrote and recorded a CD of original songs in 1997 called Now Playing on Restless Records. The album was re-released in 1998 as Chopper One with a different cover and including a new single, "A Punk Named Josh".

Amy and Jason got married and had their first child, Kiefer Rain Cropper, in January of 1994. In 1999 they had their second child and first son, Jake Hudson Cropper; and their third child, Devon Jade Cropper, was born in 2001. Amy and Jason divorced circa 2004-2005, but live near one another as they co-parent their three children. They are still on good terms as of today.

Currently, Amy is has been pursuing a side career in selling paintings. Her art can be found online on websites such as Instagram and Facebook.

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