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Darrin Pfeiffer
Background information
Born June 7, 1969 (age 54)
Buffalo, New York, U.S.
Occupation(s) Drummer, songwriter, Radio Personality
Years active 1994–present
Instrument(s) Drums, vocals
Associated acts
Braxton Hicks
The Salads
Beyond Death
Zero Tolerance

Darrin Pfeiffer (born June 7[1], 1969) is an American musician, record producer, band manager and radio personality. He was a friend of Pat Finn in Buffalo, NY, having met via shared (albeit non-concurrent) membership in the straight edge hardcore band New Balance/Zero Tolerance, and later moved to Los Angeles where he became a part of the early Weezer scene. He has continued to be connected to the band over the course of their career.


Pfeiffer was living in Buffalo New York when he met Pat Finn. In 1987, Finn was a member of a straight edge hardcore band called New Balance. While Pat moved back and forth from California to Buffalo several times over the ensuing years, New Balance morphed into Zero Tolerance, and Pfeiffer was recruited on drums, playing with the band until the band's dissolution in the early 1990s. Finn was well aware of Darrin's prowess on drums, and when 60 Wrong Sausages dissolved, Finn realized "his" drummer, Patrick Wilson (who, like Pfeiffer, Finn also 'discovered' in Buffalo) was now entrenched in Weezer, so he recruited Pfeiffer to move out and join him in a heavy band called Winkler (later re-named Weet Wesheen). Pfeiffer moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 1992, where he lived with Karl Koch, Takashi Hasegawa, and Finn in an apartment in the Fuller-Martel Plaza on Fuller Avenue in Hollywood, near the "Guitar Center" section of the Sunset Strip. This apartment became known by the group as "The Blue Diamond Terrace", keeping up a tradition started years earlier by Fuller-Martel Plaza neighbors, Wax, of naming their apartments to sound like hip hangouts of a long-passed era of Hollywood.

Winkler/Weet Wesheen, ultimately, did not get much further than the demo-recording process at the garage at the Amherst House. To earn some money, the band recorded a song for the soundtrack of a very early Spike Jonze-directed jewelry promotional video. Jonze was, at the time, working as a photographer, and met Finn, who was working for A&I photography in Hollywood. (Jonze would soon direct the first music video for the band Wax, who were neighbors of Finn and had also befriended Jonze).

In 1994, Pfeiffer became a founding member and drummer of the band Goldfinger. He married Vicky Anderson, the band's Canadian publicist, in 1998.

In 1997, Pfeiffer appeared in the music video for "Touch My Fuzz" by the Jason Cropper-fronted band Chopper One. He attended Cropper's wedding as his best man, and Cropper attended Pfeiffer's wedding as his best man as well. Cropper and Pfeiffer still remain as good friends to this day. [1]

Pfeiffer has released two solo albums under the moniker "Dangerous Darrin": The Revenge...of Chicken McNuggets and The Artist...Currently Known as Dangerous Darrin. The two releases had very low print-runs.

Pfieffer was an on air personality for several years at 102.1 CFNY The Edge in Toronto, Ontario, and during this period interviewed members of Weezer on air on at least one occasion. He also interviewed Patrick Wilson and Mikey Welsh in 1999 when The Special Goodness was on tour.

Currently Pfeiffer is the host of the podcast The Dangerous Darrin Show with his friend T.S. from Buffalo, New York. Together they have interviewed multiple guests (including Patrick Wilson). [2] Pfeiffer is also working on recording with artists in the Los Angeles area, including a forthcoming album by Jason Cropper. [2] On November 27, 2021 Pfeiffer performed a concert with Cropper at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California, and played the drums during a cover of Undone - The Sweater Song by Weezer.


With Goldfinger

  • 1996Goldfinger
  • 1997Hang-Ups
  • 1999Darrin's Coconut Ass (Live From Omaha)
  • 2000Stomping Ground'
  • 2002Open Your Eyes
  • 2008Hello Destiny

As Dangerous Darrin

  • 2000The Revenge...of Chicken McNuggets
  • Unknown — The Artist...Currently Known as Dangerous Darrin


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