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Jon Pikus

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Jon Pikus is a Los Angeles producer, musician, and A&R representative. He was a member of El Magnifico in the early 90's, a contemporary of Weezer's in the Los Angeles rock club scene.

Work with Weezer

In the early 1990s, Pikus was the drummer for the band El Magnifico, which performed at shows alongside Weezer during this period. Pikus subsequently became friends with the members of Weezer. Pikus, who had engineered demos for Wax the previous year, was enlisted to engineer Weezer's third demo tape (also known as "The Real Demo") in early November of 1992. According to Pikus, Weezer was unable to pay him in cash (an estimated $200 amount) and instead paid him with a pair of stereo speakers. Pikus mixed the album with Matt Sharp until early in the morning. The tape was then mastered by Alan Yoshida for free, as a favor to Pikus.

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