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The Weezerpedia Discord server is a public chatroom on the instant-messaging platform Discord, dedicated to discussion surrounding Weezerpedia. It was created on December 6, 2020 and opened to the public on December 7, 2020 by site admin Deckra in conjunction with MyNameIsJason and HMC. Since its inception, it has garnered over 500 members, and serves as a primary hub for the Weezerpedia community and its editors. It has been joined by numerous notable Weezer figures, including Rivers Cuomo, Jason Cropper, Karl Koch, Rachel Haden, Ryen Slegr, and others.


The server was first conceived in early December 2020, when Deckra contacted MyNameIsJason suggesting the creation of a Weezerpedia Discord server to make communication and collaboration regarding the site easier. The following weekend, the server was created, and advertised on the banner of the site's main page. Discussion channels present on the server consist of "#general" and #media-general", which are home to miscellaneous conversation, "#projects", where users can collaborate on and discuss subjects which pertain to the editing, improvement, and upkeep of Weezerpedia, and "#help", where users can request assistance on things related to Weezerpedia or Weezer. "#karlification" was created on March 22, 2022 with the intent to serve as a hub for users to direct questions towards Karl Koch. The server's creation marked a considerable increase in the volume of editing and popularity of Weezerpedia over the following year, to some extent revitalizing the site. Over time, the server's primary purpose shifted from Weezerpedia editing discussion to general Weezer and non-Weezer discussion, though editing discussion remains common in #projects.

The server is particularly notable for some of its members. Founding members of Weezer Jason Cropper (joined December 22, 2020) and Rivers Cuomo (joined October 20, 2021) as well as Ryen Slegr of Ozma are present, but have yet to send any messages in the server. That Dog bassist and previous member of the Rentals Rachel Haden (joined May 18, 2022) was briefly active upon joining but has been inactive since. Of most note amongst Weezer figures present on the server is Weezer historian, webmaster, and unofficial fifth member, Karl Koch. Dissimilar to other Weezer-related people to join, Koch (who adorns his username and moniker Karlophone) has made an effort to maintain a semi-consistent active presence on the server, regularly interacting with other members. He first joined on January 21, 2022 to address a login issue with his Weezerpedia account, and later in March (prompted by a user asking him a question) he again began posting. This return spurred a wave of questions and discussions which he engaged in, culminating in the creation of the "#karlification" channel, where he has continually fielded user questions related to Weezer and Weezerpedia.

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