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Weezercord is a Discord server created in June 2020, initially as an affiliate of r/weezer. It is a center for Weezer discussion and community events on the Discord Platform.


Most notably, Weezercord has hosted 2 virtual concerts with former Weezer member Jason Cropper, as well as a virtual Q&A with Cropper and Suzy Shinn. Rivers Cuomo joined as a member of the server on October 10, 2021. Subsequently, Cuomo shortly utilized the server to test the bot he programmed for Mister Rivers' Neighborhood. In February of 2021, Cuomo swiftly teased the completion of SZNZ: Spring through Weezercord's "general discussion" channel.

On November 12, 2021, Weezercord became partnered with the Discord community team, causing the server to become officially endorsed by Discord. 10 days later, on November 22, 2021 the server became verified as the "center for Weezer related content and community events on Discord" with an endorsement from weezer.com.

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