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Volume Nine

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Volume Nine
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Compilation album by Various
Released March 28, 1994
Recorded Various
Length 74:29
Label Volume

Volume Nine was a compilation CD released in 1994. It was included in the ninth issue of the British periodical magazine Volume. It contains an early, alternate mix of That Dog's "One Summer Night", a song from their second album, Totally Crushed Out!.

Track listing

  1. "Wheels" - Mark Lanegan
  2. "Sharks Patrol These Waters" - Morphine
  3. "One Summer Night" - That Dog
  4. "Soda Jerk" - Beffalo Tom
  5. "Black Sheep Boy" - Paul Weller
  6. "Roland Navigator" - Madder Rose
  7. "Doctor's Orders" (Thurston vocal) - Sonic Youth
  8. "Gas Fish" - Wagon Christ
  9. "Emile" - Pressure Of Speech
  10. "Aqualung" - Spooky
  11. "Life's What You Make It" - The Divine Comedy
  12. "How" - The Cranberries
  13. "Her" - Thundersticks
  14. "Close your Eyes" Kristin Hersh
  15. "Whisky Priests" - Jah Wobble
  16. "New World Order" - Fun-Da-Mental
  17. "Suspend" - Rub Ultra
  18. "Daisy" - Blessed Ethel
  19. "Top Of The World" - Compulsion

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