Commuter Music

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Commuter Music
Commuter Music Cropped.png
Background information
Origin Pasadena, CA
Years active 1998 - present
Current Members
Ryen Slegr
Daniel Brummel

Commuter Music is a solo project which includes Daniel Brummel and Ryen Slegr of Ozma.


Commuter Music is a project in which Daniel Brummel and Ryen Slegr of Ozma get together on a Casio CT-700 keyboard and have improvisational music sessions. The songs from these sessions are then played back at a faster tempo.[1] Multiple Ozma songs have been known to originate from these sessions, such as Domino Effect, Wake Up, and Motorology 3:39. There was only one album released by the duo, Commuter Music I: Kick The Tires, Light The Fires. Songs from this album were included in the Spending Time on the Borderline Enhanced Edition CD. A second album, subtitled Leather Interior for Your Posterior was teased on the insert of the first album, but was never released.


The original cover art for Kick The Tires, Light The Fires, prominently describes the two cars that the members were driving at the time. The fates of Korea and Ale are sadly quite grim. Ale was sold for 500 dollars,[2] while Korea's transmission gave out near the corner of New York Drive and Altadena Drive in Pasadena.[3] [4]



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