Cowboy Hat

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"Cowboy Hat"
Cowboy Hat cover
Album track by That Dog
Album Retreat from the Sun
Released 1997
Recorded N/A
Length 3:50
Label DGC
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Brad Wood and That Dog
Status Released
Retreat from the Sun track listing
"Did You Ever"
"Cowboy Hat"
"Until The Day I Die"

"Cowboy Hat" is the twelfth track on That Dog's third album, Retreat from the Sun.


I picked a cookie from the wrong batch
I found an egg unable to hatch
I started a fire but I could not find a match
'Cause you wore a cowboy hat, in the middle of the highway
A cowboy hat, fingers flying everywhere
A cowboy hat, and you middle finger's pointing at me

I saw a goldfish swimming downstream
I picked an orange from the wrong tree
You're the most valuable player but I've chosen the wrong team
A cowboy hat, lying in the desert
A cowboy hat, soaking in the gutter
A cowboy hat, and your middle finger's pointing at me

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