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Dale Johnson
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Occupation(s) Producer
Years active 1990s -
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Dale Johnson is a music producer. In 1993, while still a student at Loyola Marymount University, Johnson convinced a yet-unsigned Weezer to record some of their music in a university studio as part of his final project. The officially-released studio version of "Jamie" came from these sessions.

Note from Recording History

Johnson recounted the following story to Karl Koch for inclusion in the Recording History:

I was the LMU student that brought Weezer into the studio and engineered the version of "Jamie" that appears on DGC Rarities Vol 1. I saw Weezer for the first time in the early spring of 1993 when i did the sound for them at an in-store at Rhino Records in Santa Monica. I had worked there for a bit and had become familiar with them thru my friends Rachel Haden and Kerry Murphy, who had booked the show there that night.
So, I asked them to do the recording assignment which was a live to 2 track version of "Jamie". I still have the shitty copy of the original 8-track demo that was dubbed on the back of a Grant Lee Buffalo sampler cassette somewhere in my closet (this would be the Rivers-only demo mentioned earlier in the History -karl). I hooked them up with another classmate of mine named Sharon when she didn't have a band lined up at the last minute. I tried to get her That Dog (who was the other band I really wanted to record) but they couldn't get it together in time so I figured the Weezer guys would be down with coming back for a second time.
Anyways, I guess the guys were happy with the LMU version of "Jamie", but i never entirely was completely satisfied. I mean, only so much you can do with a live take and only a few hours! Rivers seemed to be really completely amazed when i told him I only got a B+ on the project. "But it's gonna be on a CD, man....!" I remember Matt being really adamant that they would do the recording project with me, but that they had to own the master. Smart boys they were, and I agreed to it, I just really wanted to be credited with the recording.


Johnson's AllMusic page includes 16 credits, although it is not known if all of them are correctly attributed to him and not another Dale Johnson. The page includes credits for production, mixing, and engineering, alongside hair and make up work, album artwork, photography, and some instrument credits as well.

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