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Dig cover
EP by Carnival Art
Released December 1990
Recorded Sound Castle Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Sweaty Elvis Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Genre Alternative rock
Label Spineless Voodoo
Producer(s) Tracy Chisolm and Carnival Art
Carnival Art chronology
Like Nobody's Business

Dig is an EP by Carnival Art, released in December 1990.


Dig was released in December 1990, well in advance of the 1991 LP Thrumdrone, and is currently out of print.[1] It contains the Thrumdrone versions of "Mr. Blue Veins" and "Octopus", as well as the non-LP track "Juice Dawg", which later appeared on the Blue Food & Black Sparks EP. The disc also features what may be the only officially-released live track in the band's history - "No Thanks To Eve", which later appeared in a studio rendition on a single.

The disc was shipped to radio stations and record stores along with a press kit, including an 8 x 10 promo photo, a psychedelic-era style poster (designed by famed psychedelic artist Frank Kozik), a letter from Horace Blue Veins, and several photocopied reviews of Carnival Art shows from magazines and newspapers.

According to a letter from a Spineless Voodoo employee included in promo copies, additional copies of Dig could be purchased directly from the label by mail order for five dollars - although it does not specify on what format. Also, cassettes of the EP were made available at Los Angeles-area indie record stores, and at Carnival Art shows. It remains unclear whether Dig was ever made available on CD or in any sort of wide commercial release.

Track listing

All songs written by Carnival Art, lyrics by P. Tak except where noted.

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Juice Dawg"     
2. "Mr. Blue Veins"     
3. "No Thanks To Eve"     
4. "Octopus (live)"  Syd Barrett  
  1. Newspapers.com archive of LA Weekly. December 13, 1990. p. 85. "Thurs. - Grungy yet melodic rockin' (see Replacements, Soul Asylum) from one of the big raves of the CMJ convention in N.Y., The Buck Pets; plus one of several bands with the name (or a similar one), Dharma Bums, and these are the ones with a new Frontier record out and local rockers Carnival Art, a great band with a fine new EP out called Dig that's available at Aron's and Rhino." Via Newspapers.com.