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Thrumdrone cover
Studio album by Carnival Art
Released August 13, 1991
Recorded A&M Studios, Sweaty Elvis Studios, and various others in Los Angeles
Genre Alternative rock
Length 50:02
Label Situation Two/Beggars Banquet/RCA
REG 07963 61016-2
Producer(s) Carnival Art and Tracy Chisolm
Professional reviews
Carnival Art chronology
Dig EP (1990) Thrumdrone
Wrestling Swamis single
Singles from Thrumdrone
  1. "Wrestling Swamis"
    Released: 1991
  2. "Blue Food & Black Sparks"
    Released: 1991

Thrumdrone is the second album by alternative rock band Carnival Art, released in 1991.


Thrumdrone was the first Carnival Art album to be released on noted alternative rock haven Beggars Banquet Records. It is also the full-length debut of Brian Bell, who assumed bass duties after Ed filled the void left by former guitarist Shane Paul Rhody (Bell made his overall debut on the Dig EP). This disc is often referred to as the band's debut, due to little exposure of the 1989 LP Like Nobody's Business.

The Thrumdrone recordings of songs "Mr. Blue Veins" and "Octopus" previously appeared on 1990's Dig. An acoustic version of "Mr. Blue Veins" also appears on the "Wrestling Swamis" single. Additionally, the video for "Mr. Blue Veins" was derided by MTV's Beavis & Butt-head, in the episode "Water Safety" ("Ugh, Beavis put your 'blue vein' away!").

Track listing

No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Blind"  P. TakCarnival Art 3:05
2. "Backyard King"  P. TakCarnival Art 2:32
3. "Little Doorprize"  P. TakCarnival Art 3:43
4. "Hammer and Nails"  P. TakCarnival Art 2:58
5. "Wrestling Swamis"  P. TakCarnival Art 3:19
6. "Octopus"  Syd BarrettSyd Barrett 4:03
7. "Sticky Green"  P. TakCarnival Art 2:30
8. "Will Power"  P. TakCarnival Art 1:03
9. "Neon and Debauchery"  P. TakCarnival Art 4:05
10. "Antihero"  P. TakCarnival Art 3:33
11. "Mr. Blue Veins"  P. TakCarnival Art 3:44
12. "Ruth's Advice"  P. Tak, Keith FallisCarnival Art 0:40
13. "Drop Dead"  P. TakCarnival Art 3:03
14. "Itchy Little House"  P. TakCarnival Art 4:02
15. "Bigger Things"  P. TakCarnival Art 4:33
16. "Mrs. Pear's Reptile Homework"  P. TakCarnival Art 3:13
Total length:


  • Michael P. Tak - guitar, lead vocals
  • Ed - guitar, vocals
  • Brian Bell - bass
  • Keith Fallis - drums, vocals
  • Tracy Chisolm - co-producer, engineer
  • Maria Gibert - cover art
  • Beth Herzhaft - photography
  • Michael Dare - photo painted