Drip Drops

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"Drip Drops"
Drip Drops cover
Album track by that dog.
Album Old LP
Released 2019
Recorded 2016-2019 @ Kingsize Soundlabs; Park Oak Studios; The Boat; The Evergreen Stage; The Whiskey Kitchen
Length 2:26
Label UME
Writer(s) Anna Waronker
Producer(s) Anna Waronker and that dog.
Status Released
Old LP track listing
"Bird on a Wire"
"Drip Drops"
"If You Just Didn't Do It"

"Drip Drops" is the fourth song on that dog.'s fourth album Old LP.


Band commentary

Anna Waronker: When my son, who is ten now, started pre-school, I cried when saying goodbye on one of his first days and he asked me why I had “drip drops” (in my eyes) and the term stuck with me. This song is about when things build and build and build until you’re not sure what will happen and the fear of how you will be afterwards. Musically, it was really gratifying. I loved doing the arrangement and the improv sections that Kaitlin Wolfberg, our new violinist, did were spot on. It was like she read our minds and played exactly what we wanted to hear.

Consequence of Sound interview with Anna Waronker - October 3, 2019



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Tick tick tick
Goes the bomb, bomb, bomb
In my heart, heart, heart
As I fall apart

Before I return
From the graves of my grief
When I return
Will I come in peace or in pieces?

Drip drip drip
Into drop, drop, drops
That go on and on
Will it ever stop?

Before I return
From the graves of my grief
When I return
Will I come in peace or in pieces?

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