Gecaj and Giggens Power Show interview with Karl Koch - November 4, 2009

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Audio interview with Karl Koch
Publication The Gecaj and Giggens Power Show
Interviewee Karl Koch
Interviewer Gecaj and Giggens
Date November 4, 2009
Title Interview with the Karl Koch of Weezer
Format Audio
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On November 4, 2009, Karl Koch appeared for a phone interview on the college radio program The Gecaj and Giggens Power Show, hosted by All Things Weezer (formerly Albumsix) boardies Gecaj and Giggens. The hosts fielded some interview questions directly from the board.[1][2] The interview covers the upcoming releases Death to False Metal (then referred to only as the "rarities CD"), Pinkerton deluxe edition, and Alone III, as well as the recently released Raditude, various demos, and Koch's personal project Karlophone.


Audio of the interview from its original broadcast was archived and uploaded by Giggens in 2023.

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