Gr8ist Bits: Vol. 1

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Gr8ist Bits: Vol. 1
Gr8ist Bits: Vol. 1 cover
Compilation album by Ozma
Released November 4, 2022
Recorded 2022
Genre 8-bit
Length 38:54

Gr8ist Bits: Vol. 1 is a band sanctioned, fan made, chiptune covers album released by Ozma on November 4, 2022.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Domino Effect" (arranged by: Kevin Handy, Matt Zeoli, and Don Knobloch)  
2. "Nervous" (arranged by: Foof)  
3. "Eponine" (arranged by: Kevin Handy, Matt Zeoli, and Don Knobloch)  
4. "Flight of the Bootymaster" (arranged by: Nostalgia Cassette City)  
5. "Gameover" (arranged by: Foof)  
6. "Heartache vs Heartbreak" (arranged by: Don Knobloch)  
7. "Lunchbreak (Cobras Theme)" (arranged by: Don Knobloch and Foof)  
8. "Rocks" (arranged by: Nostalgia Cassette City)  
9. "Wake Up" (arranged by: Don Knobloch)  
10. "Rain of the Golden Gorilla" (arranged by: Nostalgia Cassette City)  
11. "Light Years Will Burn" (arranged by: Foof)  

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