Historic event: 02/06/2001

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Posted on Weezer's official Facebook page as part of the "Today in Weezer history" series on February 6, 2014.

Today in Weezer History: 2/6/2001 - On this day in 2001, Weezer was in Miami, FL, mixing and putting final touches on The Green Album. "...recording day 39 (mixing day 7)...today Tom [Lord-Alge] mixed "If You Want It" [to be renamed "Photograph", and got almost done with "Sugar Booger", which will be finished first thing tomorrow. Meanwhile Rivers and I continued our 'business attack', getting details sorted out over the phone for all kinds of upcoming stuff, from merchandise designs to album art photo shoots. There is going to be a ton of stuff to take care of over the next few weeks, but the ball is rolling... ...today's little golf match was a big improvement, so we actually kept score this time. We hit the driving range for a while too, just to prove that we still stink... ...Later, Rivers worked extensively on the two "mellow" songs, "Always", and the untitled "New Song" [later titled "I Do"], singing multiple new takes of the lead vocals and various other finishing touches. "Always" is basically almost ready for Tom, but Rivers still isn't satisfied with how "New Song" sounds. Hopefully tomorrow..." -karl, writing on weezer.com.


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