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Historic event: 02/20/1993

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weezer show #41: The Music Machine, West L.A.

The Music Machine was a dying club on Pico Blvd out in West L.A., and didnt survive long beyond this show. The show was very significant in that it was the first meeting of weezer and That Dog, 2 bands who would both go on to be signed by Geffen this year, and do numerous shows together up through 1997.

Also on the bill were Wink and 99.

Everyone came out for this show, because the buzz was crazy on that dog - just who were these angelic young ladies who had barely played a show yet were already attracting label interest? Everyone wanted to see what they were all about, and after this show, everyone wanted to either sign them, befriend them and/or marry them. It was that amazing of an experience. Then weezer took the stage and rocked out a tip top show themselves. The stars lined up on this day!

setlist: unknown.

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