Historic event: 03/13/1993

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weezer show #46: Bogarts, Long Beach, CA

Somehow, via a developing friendship with Steve Soto of Joyride, weezer scored this gig opening for a reunion of Steve's previous band, the legendery OC punkers The Adolescents. Unfortunately, the club was chock full of drunk, aging punkers who only wanted to see the Adolescents, and got increasingly violent as the night went on.

By this time, weezer had gained enough noteriety around L.A. to be having label people come out and check out their shows. Tonight the band had convinced a guy who worked for Mercury Records named Mike Sitkas to see the show. Mike passed on weezer, in favor of a band called Greta. The joke becake "well, i guess Mike thinks that Greta is betta". Hmmm. Hmm?

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