Historic event: 05/29/1993

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cancelled show

What would have been the bands last Club Dump show, apparently the line-up was changed. See poster art below.

...original poster art by karl...
[click on any photo for a larger size pop-up version]

Update: Posted on Weezer's official Facebook page as part of the "Weezer Memories dispatch" series on December 14, 2011.

Weezer Memories Dispatch #3:
Heres the original layout artwork for the 11"x17" poster I made for the May 29, 1993 weezer show at Club Dump in Hollywood, CA. The details include the old pre blue album 'weezer' logo i created in '92, a bit of a 'Challengers Of The Unknown' comic book from the 60's, a bit of a Chick Publications comic (in which a guy says "Haw haw, hey guys, this is the dirtiest story I've ever heard - it goes like this-"), and a photo from a cookbook or something.

Joyride was a sorta half punk half alternative band featuring Steve Soto, who was originally in the legendary OC punk band The Adolescents. Weezer befriended Joyride and did quite a few shows with them, including some Orange County shows we otherwise would not have gotten. Nine Iron was a great and very funny band featuring Tony Maxwell (drummer for that dog.) as a singer and guitar player. I dont remember much about 12 And Counting except they seemed to play a ton of the shows around Hollywood in those days.

Club Dump was held weekly at The Central, a Sunset Strip club that was in very bad shape but had a lot of character. later it was purchased by johnny Depp and transformed into the Viper Room. Its nice, but I think it was cooler in its Dump days. -karl

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