Historic event: 07/18/1992

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show #12: acoustic set at 8121 club, Hollywood

...this was the 12th weezer show, and the 4th of weezer's early acoustic sets. The 8121 club [now called the Crooked Bar], is located underneath the Coconut Teaszer club at 8121 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

The set for this show was:

lets sew our pants together
my name is jonas
say it aint so
only in dreams
Been Gi (this old 60 Wrong Sausages song was performed as a "reunion" : Pat Finn came up to relieve Matt on guest bass and back-up vocals, so this was the exact S.W.S. line up of '91. Rivers: "were gonna apologize in advance for this...")

This show was 'bootlegged' by Karl, who used a cheap handheld voice recorder to capture the show. Also taped was a brief post show interview:

K: comments, queries, questions?
R: Hey guys!
K: But how truly can these things be understood in todays modern age?
P: certainly there are a myriad of explanations for a...a myriad of consequences! That we must all be held accountable for!
K: nudists, a new question has arisen: nudists. nudists?
R: Been Gi shall rise!
K: Takashi will see it so!

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