Historic event: 09/15/1992

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weezer show #22: The Coconut Teaszer, Hollywood

The Coconut Teaszer was one of the 'big 3' Sunset Strip clubs [the other 2 being the Roxy and the Whiskey] that were the big holdouts of the glam-metal scene of the '80s. It was difficult for a "alternative" band like weezer to break into this scene, and the leather-clad regulars tended to clear out when anyone not dressed in full rock garb hit the stage. And weezer dressed in anything but full rock garb! Teaszer bills were always a bizarre mix of glam bands, bar rock bands, morbid looking gothic type bands, and the ocassional pop type band like weezer.

Back to the Teaszer for a 5th time...by now the band was getting used to/getting sick of the place, though they would return 3 more times in the coming months.

Unfortunately no recording was made of this show, which achieved a new plateau in quality forfor the band. They played tighter than ever before, had a better sound, and (after internal debate) debuted "No One Else", a song that started to steer the band in a previously invisible direction. The bands efforts were due in part to a sense of pressure from a perceived "industry presence". Though they had absolutely no interest nor even awareness from any labels at this early point, this was a "a.s.c.a.p.'s best kept secrets" showcase night. ASCAP is one of the major song publishing companies [the other being BMI], and this show was one of a series where supposedly unknown bands who had registered their publishing thru ascap could show their stuff. Weezer hadnt registered anything with anybody, but the idea that there were "ascap people" lurking at the show was in the air. Looking back, it was probably a stretch to think that playing the show could help an unsigned band at all!

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