Historic event: 11/27/1991 thru 11/30/1991

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Sixty Wrong Sausages roadtrip + show

from info gathered from karl's '91 Journal:

Wed Nov 27th: [post driving home from work] - prepare for trip, then nap 8-10 pm. 11 PM depart L.A. for S.F., go with Rivers and Jason. Hit a really nasty dust storm around Coalinga on the I-5, that we'd later learn caused a massive 75 car pile-up with heavy fatalities on Friday 11/29.

Thurs Nov 28th: 5 AM, pull into Jasons moms place in Oakland, crash. 2PM: Go to Matt Sharp's apt in El Cerrito, hook up with Pat Finn, Pat Wilson, and Matt [at this point Matt was a friend, but had moved up to the Berkeley area to pursue some sorta symphonic keyboard sequencing music. [He'd handily drop that later in Feb '92 when offered the bass position in weezer]]. Go to Pat Finns's moms in Petaluma and then to the ranch of a relative of hers for a Thanksgiving dinner party with tons of people we didnt know. Much later we dispatch to our various foster dwellings for sleep.

Friday Nov 29th: Get up and go drive around the oakland hills, freaking out at the unbeleivable amount of utter devastation from the recent record-breaking wildfires that pretty much wiped the whole hill out. We were suprised the roads were even open, the stop signs were all melted and such. Pat Wilson later coins the phrase "Burnt Insurance" in regards to this. Then go to Berkeley, walk around, eat good pizza. Finally we pack up the gear and everyone + Matt cruises back to Petaluma, to the Phoenix Theatre. I help them load in, set up. The soundcheck goes really well. Finally they play, I think first on the bill, which was otherwise occupied by young punk-ish bands. I film the show. The guys do their best but for showtime that PA sounds nasty! Actually they capture the interest of those that made it to the show [about 50 i'd guess] and did far better than they thought they did. At the conclusion of the show, matt, standing in the audience, inexplicably shouted "WHO WIELDS THE SCEPTER?". This was the first and last SWS show. Everyone [except Matt] goes to Pat Finn's moms to sleep.

Saturday Nov 30th: sleep in, chill out most of the day. Drive back to L.A. at night with Rivers and Jason. Very silly car recordings made on a hand held "Dictaphone" recorder.

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