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Hopeless cover
Song by Ozma
Album Ocho
Length 3:44
Writer(s) Ryen Slegr
Producer(s) Ozma
Status Released
Ocho track listing
"Stuck in the Ground"

"Hopeless" is a song by Ozma. It is the fourth track from the 4-track demo cassette Ocho.



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It's hopeless
Oh don’t you see it's hopeless
But when you're coming back to me
It’s not hopeless
It's hopeless
Little cowgirl don't you see
That the farm
Is hopeless without me
Hopeless, hopeless, I'm so hopeless
Hopeless, hopeless you're so hopeless
It's crazy
Oh don't you see it's crazy
I feel the need
I feel the need to get crazy
And every time you go away
My heart beats slower
And should I still pretend
That I don’t even know her

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