I'd Like to Know

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"I'd Like to Know"
I'd Like to Know cover
Album track by The Special Goodness
Album The Special Goodness (album)
Released November 21, 1998 (Japan only)
Recorded March-April 1996
Tom Ackerman's house
White Horse studios
Length 3:54
Label Rock Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson
Producer(s) Tony Lash
Status Officially released
The Special Goodness (album) track listing
"Pay No Mind"
"I'd Like to Know"
"Conquistadors of Nothing"

"I'd Like to Know" is the fourth track from the debut album by The Special Goodness.


Some fans speculate that "I'd Like to Know" is one of several songs on The Special Goodness with lyrics directed toward Rivers Cuomo [citation needed].




You know I'd like to think
That you've been pretty cool
But I have given up lying to myself
You know it makes me laugh
To see you doing well
But it never fails to leave me so mystified
I'd like to know I don't think
That I will ever understand

Feeling pretty good about the big success
What makes people feel the need to get their fill?
I guess it's not too hard to preach it to the choir
When you show them how to sing it and they sing along

I'd like to know, I don't think that I will ever understand
It beats me down a little further every single day

I've made a natural selection, of course it's none of the above

I'd like to know, I don't think that I will ever understand
I want to feel like I don't have to try and understand

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