Karl's Corner - 04/06/2002

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04/06/02 get up about yourself

...Yesterday (Friday 4/5) was a pretty productive day. Jet-lag seems to be wearing off, and the guys worked through a bunch of songs, including "Mad Kow", "Misstep", "Booby Trap", and "Mo Beats". Brian has been experimenting with different guitar sounds, and it’s working out really well. He hasn’t used many effects in the past, so the new stuff they are coming up with sounds very cool.

...from Friday (4/5)...

....Maladroit Action Update

  • DC101 (Baltimore/Washington): Dope Nose has moved up from #10 to #7 on the "It's Your Fault" nightly top ten.
  • 96.1 96X Norfolk, Virginia: playing "dope nose."
  • ORock 105.9 Orlando, Florida: Dope Nose is a regular on their playlist.
  • Lick 106.3 'Modern Rock for Little Rock': "...Weezer demos are finally being played. I hear Dope Nose pretty often now and Keep Fishin' was played recently...."
  • WPGU 107.1 the Planet Champaign/Urbana IL: Weezer won the March Madness thing over 63 other bands, was crowned "champion of the entire Planet" for the second year in a row! Also, Dope Nose was #1 on "add it up" a few nights ago, AND Dope Nose won the 'friday orgy' thing for the 7th week in a row!!
  • 92.1 Rebel Radio in Oxford, MS: hitting the dope nose!
  • 770 Radio K in Minneapolis: "Dope Nose" is on the top 7 countdown; and the "Photograph" video was shown on Video K, the tv show of Radio K.
  • X103 Indianapolis: is starting to get into the swing of things. Started playing "Dope Nose" today. (however, the disc jockey said "That was Dope 'Noise' by Weezer, the latest of the Green Album.")
  • 97x tampa/st. pete FL: dope nose "is getting mad radio play". It was number 5 on the "Furious Five" which are the five most reqested songs.
  • KSCR radio, the USC College Radio Station: playing Dope Nose
  • Rebel Radio 92.1 in Oxford, MS: has finally begun to play "Dope Nose."
  • 89.7 the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa: Dope Nose getting much play...except (as a fan says) "...it's a cracked out version that just doesn't seem anywhere near finished. I'm not sure if...they just have a version that was very early on for some reason..."
  • Cape Girardeau, Missouri (unknown station): Dope Nose played upwards of three times over twenty four hours on a local radio station...
  • 101.7 WFNX Boston: On easter sunday, there was a 20 song countdown. Dope Nose was # 12! Then DJ Kevin Matthews sez: "Weezer rocks so much, let's play Undone now!"
  • 107.5 "x-treme radio" in las vegas, nevada: is now playing "dope nose". DJ sez: "...just when i thought i hated weezer for good, they come out with this song..." and "...it's filled with their signature 'ooo!'s."
  • 102.1 The Edge Dallas: playing Dope Nose!
  • WKND "the end" 106.7 in New Orleans: playing dope nose!
  • 89.5 WSOU ("Seton Hall's Pirate Radio" "the country's #1 college radio station") is playing dope nose.
  • 97.9 KNRQ in eugene, oregon: playing dope nose, DJs debating about how to pronounce "maladroit."
  • y100 Philly: dope nose was number 2 yesterday and today on the top 7 at 8.
  • z103 in lexington, ky: frequent Dope Nose play
  • The Zone 96.3 Billings, MT: playing Dope Nose.
  • Lava Rock 105.9 Hawaii: played Take Control on "The Show."
  • 89.7 the river, Omaha, Nebraska: has been playing Dope Nose
  • Palm Beach County, FL: both Planet Radio 92.1 and 103.1 The Buzz are playing Dope Nose!
  • 94.5 the buzz in Houston TX: playing Dope Nose!
  • 88.9 WDBM, Michigan State University: Dope Nose is #3 on the top 5 at 5.
  • 106.5 WEND (106.5 The End) Charlotte, NC: has started playing "Dope Nose"
  • KSYM 90.1 in San Antonio: DJ sez: "...we have been playing various songs off Maladroit since we got it in about a month ago. Dope Nose is probably the song that gets the most play although I on my show have played Slave and Take Control..."
  • Michigan: a fan writes: "...92.1 in Lansing wins the prize for first station to play Dope Nose, and 97.9 in Grand Rapids gets second place. both have had it on their list for a few weeks. Detroit's a little behind the times for some reason, but they finally figured out what they were missing and started playing it just recently. Good job, 89X..."
  • 89.3 WSOE Elon, NC: playing some maladroit songs
  • Rock 102.1 Milwaukee: Dope Nose in heavy rotation
  • 104.3 KMBY New Rock, Monterey Bay: has been playing Dope nose for about a week now
  • 103.9 The Edge in Phoenix, AZ: Weezer's position on the "Top 10 Frickin' Faves" has been between number 2 and 6 for the last week! DJ Dead Air Dave called Dope Nose "one bitchin 2 minute, 11 second song"
  • 105.9 the X in pittsburgh: featured dope nose in one of their "double X's" along with say it ain't so
  • 97.5 KPOI here in Hawaii: Dope Nose getting played..
  • Suffolk Free Radio: [webcast]: Tuesday nights on the "Nick and Graeme show" various Weezer favorites are played, along with Dope Nose or Keep Fishin'
  • AT&T's Digital Cable Alternative Music Channel (#915) in Atlanta: playing both "Take Control" and "Dope Nose".
  • NBC TV: as forcasted here last week, viewers of the show "Ed" heard Dope Nose: there was a scene where one of the kids (Warren Cheswick) ws trying to sneak into a frat party and "dope nose" was blasting from inside.
  • West Point United States Military Academy: a fan/cadet writes: "...Last Thursday at mandatory dinner, they were playing a variety of rock songs. Then I heard Dope Nose start to play. I observed how the cops reacted. It was quite impressive to see the positive reaction from all the cadets here at West Point. I just thought I would let you know that Weezer sure hit it big here at The United States Military Academy..."

...international action:

  • 99.3 the fox, vancouver BC Canada: played "fall together"
  • Cjay92 fm - Calgary: dope nose getting played, the station is giving listeners hourly chances to win weezer tickets to the upcoming April 24 show, on whatthey call the weezer weekend.
  • the edge 102.1 Toronto - playing dope nose "constantly"
  • K-ROCK, 105.7 in Kingston, Ontario: playing Dope Nose "quite often".
  • Edmonton, Alberta 100.3 The Bear: Dope Nose is being played.
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: "...I've been hearing a ton of "Dope Nose" at the local bars and record stores..."
  • 106.9 FM, "The Bear," Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: "...the DJ announced with great excitement trembling in his voice "Up next, we've got the new one from Weezer, the track is called Dope Nose," and then he screamed at the top of his lungs (obviously a bit away from his microphone) "RAAAWWWWWWK!"...."
  • XFM, UK: weezer got to number 6 in 'the top 7 at 7', due to heavy requests!
  • BBC Radio 1 in the UK: "...The interview with Rivers and Pat was odd, Steve Lamacq seemed oblivous to Rivers' attitude to the fans and Pinkerton, so he was pretty surprised when Rivers came out with his opinions. It was pretty funny...." In addition to broadcasting the interview, they played both "Dope Nose" "and Keep Fishin'" Also, "Keep Fishin'" has been heard randomly on Lamacq's show as well...
  • Indonesia: a fan writes: "...Prambors 102.3 FM, Jakarta, Indonesia: one of the most popular radio stations in Jakarta, it has a Top 40 playlist that gets updated weekly, with the latest chart premiering at 4 pm on Saturdays. The day before the unveiling of the new weekly chart, they preview around seven new songs on their 'New Release' program, only a few of which will actually get onto the Top 40 the next day. In a nutshell, 'Dope Nose' was one of those new songs...and today, it's the Top 40's Hot Shot Debut, coming in at a whopping number 20..."

...random action:

  • a fan writes: "...id just like to note that hash pipe and island have been playing at many Lakers games and other such basketball games... they mainly play the bridge without lyrics while the cheerleaders dance..."