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Karl's Corner - 04/08/2002

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04/08/02 Isola Natale

...today was the "Dope Nose" video shoot! I'm still waiting on word on how it went and what went down, etc. Should have more info soon...

...4/7 Sunday recording info:
Today saw a more experimental side of the weez coming out. First some tweaks and ideas tried out on several recent songs such as "Steamroller Action" and "Queen of Earth", (AKA "Dirt Queen" according to Scott! heh heh). Then some new experimentations, first working on a new song by Pat called "The Story Is Wrong", which Pat sang and played drums on at the same time. Then they tried another new song by Brian, a really heavy song called "Nice To Meet You", on which Brian sang lead. The comments floating around after that song was laid down were ones of suprise at the unexpected "Tool-ish" flavor of Brian's new material. Also discussed was general agreement over the proliferation of good new songs, and that it was already looking like its gonna be tough to pare it all down to an album........also see =rwa= news!

...from Sunday (4/6)..thanks to Sarah for supplying recording pix and details!...