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Karl's Corner - 07/25/2013

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2013/07/25 Show: San Francisco: Americas Cup Pavillion

Team Weezer has reassembled after getting torn apart by the Walking Dead down in San Diego! Today we find ourselves at the Americas Cup Pavilion on the very nice waterfront in San Francisco on a rather chilly night for late July. Tonight we are joined by the talented Limousines, who are based out of SF and who we did some shows with a while back. They are busting out with some rock saxophone and vocoder as I write this.

Some have noted the absence of Pat Wilson tonight, but never fear. Pat is just taking a few shows off, and in fact he will be there tomorrow in Orange County. Tonight we've recruited our buddy Anthony, who usually plays with The Bravery and Morrisseys band. He's rock solid and a nice guy, so tonight, the rock will flow as it should. More later...

Todays show was attended by the original pre Blue Album guitar player of weezer Jason Cropper. He watched the show and got emotional during the early songs that he used to play with the guys back in '92-'93, like "Say It Aint So". It was good to see him again, we seem to cross paths with him every few years and its always a memorable encounter.

After the show, comic artist Alec Longstreth hooked me up with an 'uncorrected proof' of his soon to be released new issue #018 of Phase 7. Alec, who did the Memories Tour poster artwork in '10, has been creating Phase 7 for years, but only with the most recent issue (#017) has he explored his personal history of weezer fandom. Alec has a real honest way with a story, and his own "just a normal fan discovering weezer" tale is a real blast to read. Issue #018 will be out soon and it details "The Pinkerton Years", all about his continued discovery and experiences as Pinkerton was released and toured on back in '96-'97. As one who was there as it happened, it was a real trip reading about it from a hardcore fans eyewitness perspective, especially as it was meticulously reconstructed from his own and other fans memories and photos. I wish i had an account like this of all the old shows, to sift thru the memories and have it clear what happened where and when, without the mixing up that happens when memories start to pile up on each other. (the Super-Chrono in our Weezerpedia is an ongoing project to do just that, gathering all the fans stories, my own reports, all photos, etc etc from every weezer event from the jump-off onwards). Anyway, this comic book is wonderful, funny, fun to read, and heartfelt, and I say its a must for every weezer fan. Heres Alec's website, where you can learn more and order new and old issues of Phase 7. Plus there is a 7 page preview of that new 'Pinkerton' issue up on his site. http://www.alec-longstreth.com/comics/