Karl's Corner - 07/27/2013

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2013/07/27 Show: Las Vegas: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Boulevard Pool

Today we touched down in the big hot flat desert city of Las Vegas, which has become not just a gambling mecca but a mecca of fancy exclusive pools where shows happen. Today we go to one we've not been at before, the 4th floor Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, to blast some weezer rock into the desert winds.

Tonight Hunter Hunted is opening for us. They are a 2 man band from LA who are starting to blow up in SoCal. Good stuff! They hit the stage at 9, weezer starts at 10:15.

Pat was unable to make this show, we got our buddy Anthony Burulcich (The Bravery; Morrissey's band) to help out.