Karl's Corner - 07/30/2002

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07/30/02 little by little

Enlightenment Tour Day 25: Nashville, TN; AmSouth Amphitheater

Main Stage: Sparta, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer [Strokes cancelled due to injury]
Second Stage: Rooney, Home Town Hero, Am Radio, The Special Goodness

...Once again, we narrowly avoided a major rainstorm, pushing our luck even further on this tour! In fact it did pour earlier in the morning when the crew was starting to set stuff up, but by afternoon it was just cloudy and steamy. I guess it decided to have mercy on the Enlightenment Tour again! Tonight saw a slightly different stage setup, exchanging the "flying Pat" apparatus for the more traditional "flying =w=" technique. It was mostly the same fire n' brimstone show we've been seeing all tour, though, and the peeps were loud and proud! The second stage was forced to battle an unhelpful local sound person, but this didnt dampen any spirits. Great things were said by the fans about all 7 bands once again. Rock.

"Weezer World Cup" Foosball Challenge #9: Nashville- WBUZ/WQZQ
Foosball Challenge #9! Today before the show there was another fan vs. weez foosball challenge. In many cities on the Enlightenment Tour, the local radio station will be choosing winning fans who get to come backstage before the show and challenge the band to a mini-foosball tournament! [your local radio station should be talking about the contest, if theyre not, then its not likely to be happening in your area]. There are usually 6 winners per show, and they divide up into 3 teams who face off vs weezer for one game each. Today there were only 2 winning participants for some strange reason, it seems at least one team couldnt make it due to being stuck in traffic?!? Anyway, the match was breifly narrarted live to air by a mobile DJ from WBUZ.

Todays match results:
Round 1: Team Weezer (Cuomo/Wilson) V. The Commandos (Jamie Godette and Eleni Speroff) : Winner: Team Weezer. Score: 10-1. [the Commandos were getting whipped, then switched positions midgame and immediately scored! However they couldnt keep it rolling for any more goals.]

...pic #26 L to R: Drefan Rahl, kyleisweezer2, Spicy Bisquit, Rivers, daredevil, Gawain the pure, TenaciousLoser. not pictured: Jax1375

...the first batch of fans' show tales that came in...

  • "...The rock show was awesome! it really whooped the donkey's behind with a belt. The show was at the AmSouth Amphitheater. About 10,000 people were at the rock show. The jam session was awesome. The crowd roared like a lion. the band got down as they stormed the stage. the jam session was a success. Rock over nashville kentucky, rock over omaha, wyoming!!" ---Steven
  • "...That was by far the best concert ever. Special Goodness was excellent. Sparta was pretty good. I was not able to catch Rooney, Home Town Hero, or am Radio. I had pretty good seats. When Dashboard came out, everyone went pretty wild. It was hilarious when Chris made fun of his band being sell outs. The most exciting part of the concert was when I got to meet Scott from the Weez. He was walking by and I got to shake his hand. I think I scared him because I jumped in front of him. By the time Weezer started I had to crap but oh well. It was way better than the last time they came when Brian and Rivers were sick. They played my favorites, Butterfly and El Scorcho. I was happy. It was the greatest show of my short lived life. I can't wait until next time." --Josh(jenlover)
  • "...to start the night off, the special goodness put on a great set! scott [shriner] and karl [koch] showed up for support and video purposes. rooney was really cool as well, and especially loved by the females. home town hero showed their punkiness when they cussed the sound board for 'making them sound bad' whatever...the =weez...tonights show was a school in shredding! the guys really rocked out, especially rivers solo work on stuff like 'tired of sex' and pat was kicking fresh beats on the kit all night long. i couldn't have asked for much more of a set list. the improv flowed right in to death and destruction, which is a personal fav on maladroit. rivers was funny all night... talking about 'nashville, kentucy and omaha, wyoming...thank you memphis...' and 'thank you Lord for giving us this heavy metal riff to beat all heavy metal riffs, to decribe an especially loud and rockin 'hash pipe' - a song i don't usually get down to, but couldn't resist tonight. 'el scorcho' and 'buddy holly' were my favs, and as one other reviewer remarked the other day, there was a time that i had heard buddy to much and didn't feel like it had to be a part of the show, but now i don't know why it wouldn't be, because its so great to sing along to. thanks =w= for bringing forth the rock!" ---dave mcgee - daveydave - =w=board
  • "...the weezer show in nashville tonight (7/30/02) was amazing. I didn't think it would be possible for the show to be any better than the last time they played here but i was proved wrong. I thought Sparta were great even though the crowd didn't get to excited; dashboard confessional were really good also; Weezer of course were spectacular; It would have probably been the greatest show ever if they played 'my name is jonas' and also if the strokes would have shown up. But overall this is probably the most fun concert I have ever been to." ---Scott
  • "...I just got home to Alabama back from the Nashville Show and wanted to write and share my experience. This was my first weezer concert for me and the two friends I went with. We were all blown away by the Band's amazing performance. It was better than I ever expected it could be. The songs played from Blue and Pinkerton were the best parts and I was so glad so many were included. I also have to add that all the bands were great on the side and main stage which made up for the Strokes being No-Shows. I also got to meet Scott and he signed my poster which was pretty cool also, he is a real nice guy and very cool to the fans. Thanks Weezer for a great show, and thanks for all you do Karl. This will definitely not be my last Weezer concert!" ---Aaron
  • "...i have loved weezer ever since the good ol' days of 7th grade. it has been 7 long years since then and this was my first time seeing them live. i was just 3 rows away from rivers c, who was looking pretty suave in his suit and shades. it was one of the best nights of my life, and definitely the best show ever. rivers was a chatty chap and he was rocking on with his bad self. the set list was genius. they were kicking it old school style. scott and karl decided to venture out into the crowd while pat's band special goodness was rippin up the stage. they got swarmed, scott was trying to tell people to watch the band. i also got to talk to the kick ass drummer from dc, he is the coolest dresser in the whole world. he was sporting some sweet jeans and a fly shirt. i gave him a retarded bus, a small one, i hope he thinks it's special. dash board and sparta get two enthusiastic thumbs up. the entire show gets a twenty one gun salute and four stars. it was swell. a moment i will look back at when i'm forty and say that was life." ---e.w.
  • "...I was pumped about Weezer coming back here to Nashville after playing here less than 6 months ago, and was especially pumped about the band being well since they all had fevers last time they were here, and still put on an incredible show. The biggest improvement by far was the warm up bands. Sparta was a very pleasant surprise, and even though I'm not a fan of Dashboard Confessional both acts proved to be a huge improvement from Saves the Day, and Ozma. Weezer came on with Rivers in a full suit (damn that must be hot), and they were much more interactive with the crowd than last concert. More talking, and stuff which was great... although Rivers said "Thank You San Francisco" one time during the concert which was kind of strange. I wish they would have played at the Municipal Auditorium with no seats so we could go crazy instead of a place with seats. Oh well, a great concert over all... there was lots of Pinkerton stuff which is all amazing live (especially Pink Triangle)." ---Jonathan Pears
  • "...i really think this weezer performance was the best i've ever seen. i was down in front of the stage in front of rivers and he really rocked out. i threw my bracelet on stage and scott got it and put it on his microphone. that concert is the best time i've ever had." ---john
  • "...the Nashville show was awesome. I started off the grass seats and made my way up (through friends) to section 7. It was great. They started off with Death and Destruction and ended with Dope Nose. It was awesome! They lifted up the =w= sign in Buddy Holly. Now that was cool. All the pyro during In the Garage and Hash Pipe and Dope Nose were neat. I was so stoked the whole time. It was great. I got the only set list. I got it!! I was sooo happy. Then I got to meet Karl which was more than cool. At the end of the show River's lifted up his hands and was shaking them like a kid reachin for the cookie jar for his life. It was funny. Some great things he said were: "what are all of you looking at?" "nobody scream" (when he took off his jacket) "there's a hotdog stand over there" "the spirit of the lord is here..let's lift our hands..maybe he will give us a great guitar riff(i think thats what he said)..better than any other ever" something like that. Overall a great show. Special Goodness was sooo rockin'. I didnt like Sparta or Dashboard but Weez made up for that. Scott was flirtin with the girls...Brian was dancin...Pat was beatin those drums like no other...and Rivers was a stud as always. Good Job Weezer. Keep Rockin!!" ---emily
  • "...I just got back from Weezer in Antioch and even though some prick spilled beer on my new weezer t-shirt I had the best night of my life! Weezer came here in February and they were just as good tonight, if not better, than last time. Sparta kicked off the night, besides the awesome side stage bands, followed by Dashboard Confessionals and then weezer came out in all their glory to bring the house down. The night reached its peak when Rivers said that Jesus gave Weezer the song Hashpipe to play, ha ha! Thanks Weezer for coming out again and playing an incredible show." ---d.v.
  • "...i am going to start of by saying "wow!" weezer kicked some serious ass tonight by playing songs like el scorcho, butterfly, in the garage, etc. the crowd was really feelin it and everyone was standing up and groovin! the grass seats were pretty well filled up and luckily i got a very decent seat (for the grass). Sparta played surprisingly well, i am definitely gonna have to check out some of their music. And though i was not very excited about them playing, dashboard confessional played fairly well, but had too many slow songs. then weezer came out. the place was buzzing with energy and i was probably the most energetic of all. it all seems like a blur now, it is hard to imagine all this happened just a few hours ago. rivers voice was ssooo smooth and it sounded just like the albums with a fresh new feeling in. he said some funny things... "thanks you everybody... your welcome... have you ever noticed how go never said your welcome?" i laughed pretty hard at that. unfortuneately, there were not a lot of .commers around and i didnt see a single one. overall weezer rocked out and i hope they come back to nashville and see us again!" ---klint