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Enlightenment Tour Day 27: Houston, TX; Cynthia Woods Amphitheater

Main Stage: Sparta, Dashboard Confessional, Weezer
Second Stage: The Special Goodness, Rooney, Home Town Hero, Am Radio

...Well according to The Weather Channel [Pat Wilson's favorite station], the "dog days of summer" are officialy here. And thats how it was today, with the brutal afternoon sun slowly giving way to a warm and sticky summer night in Houston. Which was occupied by another suprisingly massive crowd! Way to go, Houston! It was a great day, and all the bands gave it their all. More shenanigans today on the weez stage, see the fan reports below for various details...

"Weezer World Cup" Foosball Challenge #10: Houston- KTBZ The Buzz 94.5
Foosball Challenge #10! Today before the show there was another fan vs. weez foosball challenge. In many cities on the Enlightenment Tour, the local radio station will be choosing winning fans who get to come backstage before the show and challenge the band to a mini-foosball tournament! [your local radio station should be talking about the contest, if theyre not, then its not likely to be happening in your area]. There are usually 6 winners per show, and they divide up into 3 teams who face off vs weezer for one game each. Today there were only 2 sets of winners, so only 2 matches. Today, team Weezer consisted of the unusual combo of Brian and Scott, which was untested to date in competition.

Todays match results:
Round 1: Team Weezer (Bell/Shriner) V. The Foozers (Sean Manuel and Brandi Bilek) : Winner: Team Weezer. Score: 10-2. [The Foozers fell behind quickly, but started to put things together late in the game. Unfortunately it was a little too late..]
Round 2: Team Weezer (Bell/Shriner) V. The Neighbor Kids (Brien McAvoy and Josh McAvoy) : Winner: Team Weezer. Score: 10-2. [The Neighbor Kids brought some furious play, and the first half of the game was very tense and very close. Then Scott started busting out some hot moves and it was all over.]

...pic #25, L to R: [?], Disgracefulemily, Teluhla217[?], Jimmy's Brohiem, Rivers, weezermueller, pointyboot, Jimmy Kirk...not pictured: *I'll Soon Be Naked*

...the first batch of Houston fans' tales that came in...

  • "...hello! I just saw weezer and it rocked my world! Me and my friends snuck in the seats area and got 7th row center. (we were the kids with two girls in tye dye goin crazy) we sang along to each and every song with all we had, threw up our =w='s with our hands when they first walked out and had the best time we've had in a while. My only regret, they didnt play SIAS... I guess I'll just have to load up the mp3. I love you weezer, thanks for being the raddest band ever! =w= rock for life!" ---kelly
  • "...WHOOOWEEE! Weezer kicked some serious a$$ to quote Rivers. This was my first Weezer concert and I was blown out of the water. From Why Bother to Only in Dreams the show was Fantastic! Rivers little comments were hilarious even though he kept calling Houston Memphis and Philadelphia Ha. Sparta and Dashboard were good but Weezer was like a steak dinner compared to their piece of rice. Great job! I'll be there next time!" ---mike (mynmsmike)
  • "...Ok, one word to describe the most incredible night ever ROCK! WE arrived at the concert around four thirty and i meet a few fellow board members who were really awsome. When the doors open i went directly to the side stage so i could have a good spot for TSG. The whole line up on the side stage was just incredible although I think TSG stole the side stage show and plus scott was hangin out watchin them and he signed my id card and ticket. Finally it was =w= turn and that was flat out the best weezer setlist I have ever seen. El schorcho, why bother, undone, buddy holly, and also it was cool when they played holiday i almost cr**** in my pants i was so not expecting that. Then to top it off, falling for you and only in dreams blew me away. During only in dreams i picked up a chair and acted as if i was playing the guitar until a staff member took it away. Thank you Weezer for coming to Houston an giving us the most incedible night of rock ever." ---=w=Andy King=w= aking6341
  • "...Man was that a great concert! I've been to Incubus and TOOL concerts recently but Weezer definitely took the top spot on greatest concert. It's the best concert ever. The setlist was super great. The only bad thing about it was that "Say It Ain't So" wasn't played. But otherwise it was a kickass show. All the bands there played great. Especially The Special Goodness. They rocked. And my friend grabbed Pat's water bottle off an amp for me after their set. :) Anyways, thanks for the awesome concert!" ---Joey
  • "...Wow...that all i can say. I was totally blown away tonight. the week started off bad when my gf and i broke up which left me with an extra ticket to weezer. then the person i invited in her place dropped out 2 days before. So i was already 2 strikes down on having a good time. But when weezer took the stage tonight I was totally blown away. PINKERTON, PINKERTON, PINKERTON. BLUE BLUE BLUE. Those words pretty much sum up the whole nite. My sisters, friends parents had 9th row tickets that were given to them this morning. kinda stragne how that works. non-fans getting 9th row tickets to my favorite band. well when weezer took the stage the parents let us use 2 of the tickets. so my friend and i took the tickets for the first half of the show and my sister and friend took the tickets for the second half. IT was really awesome to see RIVERS up close standing up there in his way too cool suit and shades. Side stage notes...Special goodness really kicked butt. The bass player gave me the set list so i got to keeep that. During their set Chris Carraba was standing in the crowd and my sister saw him. He was really cool and shook my hand and autographed my ticket, her ticket, her poster, and her shirt. haha. lots of stuff to autograph Mr. Carraba. Special goodness really sounded good. Next up was Rooney. I listened to a few of their songs and from what i heard I really liked. Pat signed a few autographs during their set, and i got my ticket signed by him also. Then he rode away on his bike. Rivers quotes of the night..."Hey you Houston Mother *****s. Amen Brothers. I feel the spirits coming upon us. How ya doing Talahassee. Alright San Fransico. God Bless. This is going to kick the proverbial ASS. A-S-S." All in all it was a great night. Thanks for the memories guys." ---Jon, Houston Tx.
  • "...tonight was my first weezer show, and for me the concert started long before the weez hit the stage, i arrived at the pavillion around noon and promptly set up my own foosball table, then i pulled some food out of my cooler, and began relaxing to some weezer tunes, sparta rocked the pop rocks, even though there was very little energy, i felt bad for them, but i screamed cuz they are awesome, i was out on the lawn at that point, but before dashboard started i got to go to the pit, and i was there all during dashboard, while i knew none of their songs, there was some definite energy, but then the weez took the stage and MY GOODNESS this show rocked, i feel like i have tainted all of my future shows because this one was so good... for starters, according to Rivers, i no longer live in 'houston' no no, i live in san francisco, and talahassee... or something, he never addressed as houston, it was hilarious, he was also very talkative tonight i was so incredibly stoked, in addition, they played every song i wanted to hear, and totally rocked at them all, PLUS they closed the night off with Only In Dreams, i was so excited that was my biggest wish of all was for the closing to be OID, since i am totally dead tired from screaming my lungs out and going totally insane" ---=aron= AKA StewBlew
  • "...I enjoyed the show tonite, despite the full crowd of teenagers and the high-school hype I haven't been apart of in years. Cuomo unleashed on us, Pat harassed us, Brian definitely did some damage, and did Scott roid on us? The pyro was damn hot, but kicked ass. You guys always manage to put on a good show everytime. Smoked a phatty for you guys on the hill..."Amen my brothers and sisters."..." ---rj
  • "...I absolutely loved the show tonight. People seemed pretty pumped during Sparta, but nowhere near the commotion during D.B. Once Weez hit tho...a near breakdown....Rivers kept (intentionally) kept calling us (Houston) either Tallahasee, Kansas, or Carolina. The fact that they played more off of Pinkerton than the new album just made the show for me...At first I was skeptical of the audience as far as whether they were fans or not...but when the cheers got super loud whenever a Pinkerton song played...I felt much better. All in all, had a great time and can't wait for the next. Lates," ---Sean
  • "...After a long wait, well since November of last year, i finally got to see the boys again. First off, the venue was great, except for their limit of how big bags could be to bring in. I was so excited to see everyone playing. Sparta represented Texas very well, i was SO thrilled, i went down and bought some buttons right after they played. Dashboard, well i was running up the stairs, because i heard everyone start screaming and then had to listen to my friend wine about how much he didn't like dashboard. But i told him to hush and just listen to the music. After Dashboard, I ran down to the restroom, but as i was on my way out, i heard rivers start talking, and i was thinking HOLY ****! Rivers is talking, i better get up there, because i'll probably miss it! I found my friend in the dark and started screaming, singing and dancing around. The whole set was awesome, including the pyro. I'm happy that we got a badass setlist and Rivers talked to us. I think thats the most he's ever talked in the 6 times I've seen him, put together. Either way it was awesome, and I converted my friend from a Dave Matthews Band fan to a =w=eezer fan!!!!!!!!! The show kicked, and I'm already going through withdrawals. Much Love~The only girl in Texas with a =w= tattoo," ---SARA J!
  • "...Hey, just got back from the houston concert, wow was it amazing. So I watched all four of the side stage bands, up in front for all of them. SG was great! Took some good pictures, and I got a pick from murphy, and i took their setlist. heh. Pat and crew were signing some stuff but they looked swamped so i didn't wanna bug em'. Rooney was good, i bought one of their cd's. I wanted to go see Sparta but i din't wanna loose my place so I waited for Home Town Hero, in the process of doing so I met Kevin from AM Radio, wow he is a super nice guy! We talked for a while and i told him my fav song "i just wanna be loved" and he signed my ticket stub. Home town hero had a good set and i took their setlist too :) Then AM Radio came on! Kevin is the coolest dude ever! He was letting us ask him questions, and i asked for a pic of him and he kneeled down and put his arm around he and a girl took our pic. Then during the set right before "I just wanan be loved" came on, he dedicated it to me!!!!!! He even kneeled down and let me sing some of the song in his mic! I alsooo got their set list! heh. For you future enlightenment go'ers, the side stage is where it's at! WEEZER ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF ALSO!" ---Kelly (loveme)
  • "...i feel like a deaf mute having just come back from the houstan show at the woodland but it was well worth this mild discomfort.. it was so awesome.. when i got there i just saw random people like scott and pat walking around and i felt like a little 11 yr old grl seeing the back street boys walk past or something.. i had great seats seeing that my friend won tickets of the board and was so pissed to find out she only got one backstage pass.. but sparta rocked and i had plenty of time to walk around and get merch while dashboard was on.. i saw pat with special goodness on the side stage and they were great and i saw rooney from a distance and they sounded good too.. but i unfortunatly missed am radio who i wanted to see.. but all in all it was great" ---alice (lil_old3cordme)

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