Karl's Corner - 09/02/2000

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Ok, all of the shows have been rocking hard! Sorry there was no news re: D.C. and Cleveland, both continued the trend of excellence and got amazing responses from the crowds. I'm gonna prepare some more video clips now for the WFO page, they should be up late tonight. I write this in a small office upstairs at St. Andrew's in Detroit, where the ventilation hasn't been improved since the place was built 100 years ago. Tonights show is actually a bit later than usual, creating a block of time that the guys must now figure out how to fill. Usually there has been no spare time at all...

The shows in Toronto and Buffalo were awesome, with over 2400 people stuffing into an outdoor sand-pit of sorts to see the rock in Buffalo. Up in Toronto me and Pat took a little walk on Queen Street, and were soon chased down by a group of observant fans. In Buffalo we were treated to some delicious Mighty Taco, as well as some Duff's chicken wings after the show...also my mom dropped by with an intense load of her homemade cookies!