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Karl's Corner - 09/10/2000

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...Austin, TX. A big outdoor festival show today at the Auditorium Shores dust bowl. Also appearing were such hip-hoppy acts as Everlast, the Kottonmouth Kings, and Cypress Hill. Weezer held their own against these aggro groups, pulling in at least as much crowd noise if not more! Also, the guys went to an autograph signing booth after their set. A huge line of over 1500 kids quickly lined up for autographs! The guys stayed and signed EVERY ONE, signing through the entirety of Everlast's and Cypress Hill's sets! after 3 hours of writing their names and greeting happy fans, the guys scoured the town in search of much needed food.

...More mpegs are on the way, hopefully to be posted later tonight. At least the missing channel 12 news one.

...Please note: I once again have access to the karl@weezer.net address, so please go back to sending emails there. If anyone is gifted with troubleshooting outlook express, let me know, im having a problem sending emails. (I can recieve your emails just fine, but I'll still have to respond w/ the karlophone@hotmail.com account for now...)

...Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cain's Ballroom, a place that's been doing honky-tonks since 1924. ...not to mention the Sex Pistols in 1978!......And weezer gave them quite a honky tonk! Cain's is another "furnace" room, which somehow collects heat and amplifies it, much like the guitars are amplified. Hot! ...Speaking of amplification, the guys have been commenting that the audiences have been screaming and singing along SO LOUD recently that two things have been happening: #1, they cant hear their amplifiers, often getting confused as to where thery are in the song! and #2, when they occasionally forget what lyric is next, the crowd helps out by singing along perfectly.


...After the show tonight the band was immortalized in concrete, with handprints, signatures, drumstick and guitar picks. Cain's is apparently preparing their own "walk of rock fame" and asks certain touring acts to participate. I shot some images of this process, and will post them in this space as soon as I have a chance to capture and upload them.

...Speaking of uploading, sorry the Only In Dreams Chicago mpeg link was no good, I've corrected the problem now over at the WFO page.