Karl's Corner - 12/03/2008

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12/03/08 tap tap; a capella, & world records page!

12/03/08 tap tap; a capella, & world records page!

...people, we got a trio of interesting things going on at the moment.

#1 check the weezer.com links list for the Troublemaker World Records page, up now for your enjoyment!

#2 Weezer has recorded brand new music in the form of several holiday songs for the iPhone Tap Tap Revenge game. Here's the details in the form of a press release!

Weezer and Tapulous Announce Unique Musical App For Apple App Store

Christmas With Weezer: Six Exclusive Weezer Christmas Songs For iPhone
and iPod touch from the Makers of Tap Tap Revenge

Los Angeles, CA., – December 4, 2008 – Weezer, one of the most
original and beloved bands around, and Tapulous, the leading iPhone
applications developer, today announced Christmas With Weezer, an
original game for the iPhone and iPod touch that will go on sale
within the next few days. Featuring new music by Weezer, the game
takes full advantage of the innovative Multi-Touch
capabilities and accelerometer as players tap and shake their phones
to the tunes of six classic Christmas songs covered by Weezer.

"I agreed to do these special recordings for the game because I am a
fan of each of the songs. The melody and vocal lines are incredible
and it was fun to sing them," added Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

Christmas With Weezer is built on the powerful next-generation engine
of Tap Tap Revenge, the popular music game for iPhone and iPod touch,
where users tap and shake their devices to the tunes of the music, but
with rich new features and a fun, family-friendly look to fit the
holiday spirit. The music is funky but authentic, since Weezer kept
the original lyrics in these favorite Christmas songs. Weezer fans can
hear the band performing six Christmas classics, including "We Wish
You A Merry Christmas", "Silent Night", "O Holy Night", "First Noel",
"Hark The Herald Angels Sing" and "O Come, All Ye Faithful", along
with two bonus tracks. The six Christmas cover tracks were recorded
exclusively for this game, and are not available anywhere else.

"I love my iPhone and all the apps that you can download," said Weezer
drummer Pat Wilson. "I love that our band is the first to actually
record songs specifically for an app and Tap Tap Revenge seemed like
the perfect one. I am excited to tap along to what we recorded and
hope it brings holiday cheer to all kinds of different thumbs and

Christmas With Weezer will be available worldwide from
Apple's App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at
www.itunes.com/appstore/ in the next few days.

For more information please visit www.tapulous.com

#3 Rivers is looking for an A Capella singing group to help him record a new cover of the Beach Boys classic "Don't Worry Baby" for Stereogum. Rivers has made a video clip with the details you need, here it is!

...Also: some interesting talk re: the recent past and the near or distant future from RC in a new Pitchfork article.

...And: a great article about the original Weezer Fan Club (1994-1999) Weezines. (Which, by the way, will eventually be fully archived here on weezer.com. There might even be some vintage copies of some issues made available someday.)