Karl's Corner - 12/10/2008

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12/10/08 Christmas With Weezer EP + Video Game Awards!


Hey folks, good stuff coming your way - The 6 new Christmas songs that Weezer recorded for the "Christmas With Weezer" Tap Tap Revenge iPhone game will now be made available for purchase as full recordings (will full vocal harmonies) on December 16 (next Tuesday)! Weezer knows not everyone has an iPhone, and they wanted to make sure every fan who wanted to own and enjoy these new tracks had access to them. The Christmas With Weezer digital EP will be avail for download purchase on iTunes and Amazon.com 12/16. So enjoy!

...And speaking of video games, coming up THIS SUNDAY 12/14 at 9PM on Spike TV, its the Video Game Awards - featuring (amongst many things like Jack Black and 50 Cent) a wild WEEZER performance in the last segment of the show! Be sure to tune in, this ones going to blow the roof off!!!

***UPDATE: The show is being rebroadcast later Sunday night at 11pm and again at 1am. Additional rebroadcasts are Dec 18 at 2am and Dec 26 at 2am. Also, clips from the show will be up at spike.com soon.

...meanwhile, 'Pork And Beans' made Rolling Stone's top singles of '08 list.