Mexican Fender

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"Mexican Fender"
Mexican Fender cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Pacific Daydream
Released August 17, 2017
Length 3:11
Label Crush Music/Atlantic Records
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo/Toby Gad
Producer(s) Butch Walker
Status Officially released
Live debut September 9, 2017
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Pacific Daydream track listing
"Mexican Fender"
"Beach Boys"
This song is part of the "Mexican Fender" lineage of songs

"Mexican Fender" (originally titled "My June Bride") is the opening track from Pacific Daydream and the second song that was officially released prior to the album's release.


"Mexican Fender" was co-written by Rivers Cuomo with producer/songwriter Toby Gad. The track was originally in contention for The White Album under the title "My June Bride", but was incomplete by the time that album came together. The phrase "June bride" would be used for the bridge of "Feels Like Summer". According to Cuomo, White Album producer Jake Sinclair was "instrumental" in making the song what it was. The song was based on Cuomo's interactions with Katy Goodman, singer of the band La Sera. Cuomo included screenshots of their correspondence on the page for the song.[1] The guitar shop mentioned in the lyrics is Truetone Music in Santa Monica, California.

A song entry titled "Summer Love" submitted in or around 2014, is listed in the BMI Repertoire (#19828338). It is likely, though unconfirmed, to be the same or at least related to "Mexican Fender". Both songs are credited to Cuomo and Gad.

For Pacific Daydream, the song was produced by Butch Walker and mixed by Eric Valentine. Walker appeared on an episode of Valentine's YouTube show Making Records with Eric Valentine in 2019 to discuss the recording process.[2] Like the rest of the tracks on Pacific Daydream, "Mexican Fender" was recorded with each band member separately. Walker recalled that Pat Wilson heard the song's lyrics for the first time while tracking the song and, upon hearing the lyrics "Met her at a guitar shop on Santa Monica and 7th Street", remarked "That's Truetone!" Walker said that Brian Bell came up with ten different tracks for the song at home, writing everything on sheet music. Walker also recalled that Bell forgot his sheet music one day and had to drive two hours across town to get it and then come back.

During the episode of Making Records, Walker and Valentine noticed a mistake in which two overlaid guitar sections (around 1:22 in the song, accompanying the lyric "I knew we would end up jamming") were moved out of sync. Walker remarked "Nobody caught it, and it worked and it was cool." The show also revealed that the lyric "The heartbreak DJ" was originally "The foxy DJ", but was changed, possibly due to a "managerial decision."

At some point during its inception the song was called "High Hopes". A demo of this version was included in the digital compilation Alone XII: The White Year. This version features only guitar and vocals.

Music video

The music video was directed by Lior Molcho and stars dancer Chloe Mae. It premiered on August 17, 2017.



Mexican Fender

Met her at a guitar shop on Santa Monica and 7th Street
The salesman tried to get my attention to sell me a Mexican Fender
She came to get her 10,000 steps and hang out with her boyfriend
But I was only trying to get to know her so I took her out to the ocean

It was hot, hot, 100 degrees
But she only went in up to her knees
She didn't want to take off her jeans 'cause that would be insane

My summer love, oo-we-oo
My summer love, oo-we-oo
Oh she loves me, she loves me, she loves me not
Oh she loves me, she loves me, she loves me not

She got a bachelor's degree in physics and a job in computer programming
That's pretty cool for a singer in a band so I knew we would end up jamming
Later that night we went to a gig and she asked for some advice
"What do you do with your hands when you're singing, do you just hold onto the mic?"

It was hot, hot, 100 degrees
And the trash overflowed out on the street
The heartbreak DJ stepped to me but I just couldn't get enough

Of my summer love, oo-we-oo
My summer love, oo-we-oo
Oh she loves me, she loves me, she loves me not
Oh she loves me, she loves me, she loves me not

Gonna fly so high
To a place that we have never seen
Ever since you came 'round
In a greasy tee and faded jeans, woah
I got a cozy pad around the corner
Slide a little closer

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