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Scott Shriner
Scott Shriner.jpg
Background information
Birth name Scott Gardner Shriner
Born July 11, 1965 (age 57)
Origin Toledo, Ohio
Occupation(s) Musician, Songwriter
Years active 1995present
Instrument(s) Bass Guitar, Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano, Drums, Vocals
Associated acts

Scott Gardner Shriner (born July 11, 1965 in Toledo, Ohio) is the current bassist for Weezer, and has been since 2001.

Early Life

Scott Shriner's yearbook photo, 1983
Shriner took up bass in high school, and joined the Marines as a rifleman the fall after graduating. He decided that he wanted to play bass professionally and left the service after two years. After getting his start in a band called The Seventh Wave with his best friend Rob Weaver, as well as Bob Schramm and Bill Whitman, Shriner moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 25 and played in several bands. These included Broken, Bomber, The Movers, Exciters, Loved By Millions, Black Elvis, The Great Barbecue Gods and, most notably, Vanilla Ice's backing band.


In the summer of 2001, Shriner joined Weezer on a provisional basis. Following the departure of their second bassist, Mikey Welsh, who left the band for health reasons, Shriner was made Weezer's full-time bassist. In his first show with the band, the August 2001 KROQ Inland Invasion, he was attacked by an ex-bandmate onstage, yet continued to play on as security guards pried the man off his back. He is Weezer's third bassist, yet he is the longest running bassist in Weezer history.

He has appeared on eleven of Weezer's fourteen studio albums, Maladroit, Make Believe, The Red Album, Raditude, Hurley, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, The White Album, Pacific Daydream, Weezer (The Teal Album), Weezer (The Black Album), and OK Human. On Red, he co-wrote and sang lead vocals on "Cold Dark World," sang lead vocals on "King," a deluxe edition track, and sang most of the lead vocals on Weezer's cover of "The Weight" by The Band. In 2005 he sang lead vocals in concert on Weezer songs "In the Garage," "Dope Nose" and "Fall Together." In 2008 during the band's Hootenanny Tour he sang lead vocals on a cover of "Creep" by Radiohead. He also played on the band's live EP The Lion and the Witch and countless b-sides and demos that can be found floating around the internet. He has also played shows with Patrick Wilson's band The Special Goodness.

In May, 2019, Shriner participated in an encore performance of the Weezer parody play, Julius Weezer.

Shriner performed live under his own name for the first time on May 11, 2012. He debuted "Watch the Shadows" at the show[1].

Personal life

On November 9, 2005, Shriner married Jillian Lauren in Hawaii. The couple adopted a son from Ethiopia on January 23, 2009.

He guest-starred with the band The Scrantones at the 2007 The Office convention. During this performance, the band played Radiohead's "Creep" with The Office's Craig Robinson on vocals. This may be why later Scott chose this song to cover with Weezer.

In June 2009, Scott guest-starred with E.J. Wells in a music video of Wells' "There's Something In The Graveyard," which is the first music video ever filmed in the historic Virginia City Cemetery, in Virginia City, Nevada.

He is a big fan of Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath.


With Weezer

This discography lists only Weezer's albums featuring Shriner. For more detail, please see the Weezer discography


As "Shriners"


With PusherJones

With Brian Ray

  • 2006 - Mondo Magneto by Brian Ray: bass guitar on the songs "All I Know" and "Sub Atomic". Backing vocals on the songs "Good For Nothing", "All I Know", "Coming Up Roses" and "Anywhere But Home".
  • 2010 - This Way Up by Brian Ray: backing vocals on several songs.
  • 2020 - "Got A New Thing" (single): bass guitar and backing vocals.

Other appearances

  • 2008 - Avalon by Anthony Green: bass guitar on the song "Dear Child (I've Been Trying to Reach You)".
  • 2008 - "I'm Eighteen" (Alice Cooper cover) credited to Scott Shriner & The Forest Rangers. The song was used in the Sons of Anarchy episode "Giving Back" (Season 1, Episode 5).
  • 2014 - Crash Boom Bang by The Bayonets: bass guitar and backing vocals on several songs.


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